DJs Should Stop Playing SoundCloud and YouTube Rips

The majority of DJs use lossy files and it makes sense: high-quality MP3s sound good on most systems and they’re more common than lossless formats. However, playing songs that were ripped from SoundCloud or YouTube just sounds bad, and DJs should stop doing it. Watch above as Mojaxx makes his case in this week’s episode of Tips & Tricks.
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  • Claudio Gomez

    I totally agreed with you Mojaxx!!.. I buy my music and it sounds amazing!. But I know people that are djing for such a low price or non paid, that they can’t afford to buy or pay $1.80 per song, like in the case of (Juno Download or Amazon) or $2.00 / $2.40 like in the case of (BeatPort). We all know that the most popular tracks are the ones with the higher price. Almost all the time!. Now “I think” the real problem, is that these DJs are NOT making money enough to pay for their expenses.. I think this problem goes deeper then just “not wanted to pay for music”. I remember when I used to record music from what ever the source, and it was because of the luck of money too. If.. and only IF I’m right, how do we (DJs) fix this problem?. Thank you!.. you guys are amazing!.

    • BeatfreaK

      Are you kidding? “DJs are NOT making money enough to pay for their expenses.” Is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If you cant afford the song, then don’t buy it. Its not life or death, if you cant afford it find something else for your set…The real problem is people who find ways around paying..taking money away from the producer and then expecting them to make up the loss by DJing…If you like the tune and are going to make money off of it yourself DJing then you should support the artist that put time in to making it…it’s as simple as that. We used to pay $10-$15 for vinyl. $2 is not too much to ask.

      • Claudio Gomez

        I can see how simple is for you. And yes!.. is ridiculous for somebody in your status that is not a beginner as a DJ, and have the money to buy. When I say $2.00 is the track “Not the vinyl” I used to pay $8.00 for a cassette back in the 80’s!.. and that’s not the point here!. The point is that many Clubs are hiring low budget DJs. Do you know any low budget DJs?.. I do. Trust me.. They can’t afford it, and yes they will compete with you, because they are DJs too. And yes!.. They may get the job, because they are “low budget DJs” hope you get the point. This reality is not my reality, or your reality. Is the reality that is out there.. where the struggle is.

        • Michael Thex Corley

          well if they still “can’t afford their expenses” after landing these “low budget” club gigs… then I don’t really feel sorry for them… if your sets sound like crap because of the low quality source material, one of two things will happen… 1) people won’t pay to see you play after a while and you will be replaced by someone whose sets don’t sound like hammered dogsh*t or 2) the audience will generally be so drunk/high/whatever that they don’t notice, but you will be stuck playing crap gigs for pennies forever …there are a lot of hungry dj’s out there competing for shows, and if you choose to load your sets with substandard material it won’t be long before someone willing to invest more into their library, gear, and etc will eventually squeeze you out of the market anyway

          • Claudio Gomez


        • BeatfreaK

          I was a “low-budget” DJ for many years. I started out collecting $10-15 even $20 pieces of vinyl before I could even afford the equipment to play it on. I did this because I was passionate about music and becoming a DJ…When you are truly passionate, money is just an obstacle, you can get there too without becoming a thief. And if you don’t respect the artists enough not steal from them and your crowds enough to not rape their ears with crappy sound, in my opinion you have no place being a DJ.

    • Michael Thex Corley

      I am sorry, but “I can’t afford it” is the worst excuse I can imagine… nothing in life is free… if your dj career doesn’t pay enough to buy your music, then get a 2nd job that does… being a dj isn’t a charity cause… and if your passion for the music is real, then you will find a way to make it happen without stealing… and if you really can’t afford to “pay your expenses” as a dj… maybe being a dj isn’t right for you (or whoever)…

      • Claudio Gomez

        I agreed with you. But as you can see, and like this guy is saying in the video, they are playing at clubs right now.

        • Michael Thex Corley

          it’s only a matter of time before promoters and club owners will see how low quality shows impact their bottom line and you will see these wannabe’s either invest in a proper library or be weeded out of the scene… I have seen it over and over both here and in the UK … the posers never last long

          • Claudio Gomez

            Agreed _/|_

    • konradical

      how do you fix it? Easy, you work hard and you don’t lower the bar for everyone else.

  • Kyle Ross Lawrence Glasgow

    but some djs dont get paid enough at gigs so using other methods works

    • Blobby30

      Not a good enough excuse.

    • BeatfreaK

      Replace the word DJs with any other profession and you will see how ridiculous that sounds…..

    • Vide Infra

      This is such a shit excuse for this. “I want to get paid to DJ but I can’t afford to pay the Producers who came before me… Fuck Em'” If you’re playing for free/low price, you shouldn’t arbitrarily expect your hobby to become a sustainable career.

  • dj sam

    everything you say is true, many of the DJs here in Mexico it is difficult to hire a servivio on pages dedicated to selling music, or have more payment options censillas for those who do not have cards or bank accounts, I buy my music, but not everyone has the ability to purchase without you ask credit cards or bank accounts, why are not more accessible ??

    It is my opinion

  • Livity International

    I actually thought or hoped you were going to backup that rant with some visible evidence, like looking at the wavelength and spectral display of a tune from hi-res WAV, MP3 320, FLAC vs WMA, M4A, 3GP, MP3 128 or lower.

    It would have strengthened your message to show that you lose the LOW and HIGH end of a tune with the lower compressed formats.

    Then there is the argument of taking a low-res and EQing it to get better sound from the file, keeping in-mind “garbage-in, garbage-out” mentality.

    • Charles

      honestly if you cant already hear nd feel the difference between 320 and WAV, youre doing it wrong

      • xWidget

        The difference is a tiny amount of upper-treble accuracy. There’s a much bigger difference between 320 lowpassed at 20kHz and 320 lowpassed at 22kHz, but barely anyone can distinguish that either.

        • Charles

          youre wrong.. and if you dont have the system to notice the differences its your loss

          • Vide Infra

            That’s silly. The average club goer can’t do this and that’s the main point, pretending that they can because you can is hysterically ignorant (scientific tests have proven this and i’m not going to look it up for you).

          • Charles

            they will feel the difference, less ringing of the ears especially in a club.. if you cant hear the difference you lack the reference, the proper system, maybe its because you got used to mp3s, maybe you like downloading shit for free, having never cared for compressed and purchasing all my music in wav because it sounds better.. Scientific tests my ass, use your fucking ears

          • Vide Infra

            I’m sorry you play in clubs without an engineer to fix these things but it really isn’t an issue here. Please, continue getting mad at the internet for not agreeing with you though, I love mature conversation : You know what’s also missing it’s high frequency ranges? Most club goers ears, from not wearing hearing protection to loud shows for years. Again, easily provable and i’m not going to waste time thinking on behalf of some crybaby elitist projecting his complaints onto me for no reason. If you replace all of the instances of the word “you” with the words “average club goers”, every one of your points applies to the people I was talking about before your knee-jerk dumbassery. They do lack reference, they do like downloading shit for free, and they don’t give two fucks about the ivory-tower shaped buttplug you’re sitting on.

          • Charles

            Im not mad at the internet, just laugh at fools that think an mp3 is a true representation of the dynamics in a track. You cant polish a turd.. You can make a certain type of track with lots of compression to fool the ear, but any sound engineer will tell you, like Tony Andrews of Funktion One that have talked for years about how mp3s affect the sound in clubs, especially the louder you play.. I dont cry, I have the reference system and the uncompressed files, if you collect mp3s its a waste of time. The fleeting get anything for free attitude has killed the profession. Im not talking about mp3s on an ipod, Im talking professional djs.. something this forum lacks in spades..

          • Vide Infra

            Why are you continuing to project on me for no reason? You’re repeating things I’ve said in my post to you and other posts on this comment wall and acting like I don’t know them just to fluff your own ego. Of course sound engineers can… do their jobs well. Two different people besides me have posted logically about how this works and you’re ignoring it and all other logic to make personal attacks at an imaginary enemy. Someone posted the actual hz ranges lost by compression (an empirical fact that is easily found in many sources) and your reply is elementary-school-playground-esque: “nuh uh!! I’m smarter than you, I can tell the difference!” I don’t care what you think my blank commenting profile’s name means, and I’d certainly hate to live anywhere in the world where immature people like you are considered “professionals” at anything.

            Of course highly trained engineers who protect their hearing can tell the difference and I absolutely abhor the idea that anyone pretending to be a club DJ is using rips to get the “freshest cuts” almost as much as I hate talking to children with no critical thinking and reading skills like yourself. Please don’t break your neck falling off your high horse.

          • Charles

            funny.. youre the only one with the continued personal attacks and seem to have quite a bit of time on your hands for this forum, good for you, time well spent, continue, ooh youre so smart

          • Vide Infra

            If you feel me responding to your insults by highlighting their triviality is somehow insulting, maybe you should consider commenting with some substance instead of ignoring all of the logic in other’s posts with your fingers in your ears like a child. I haven’t insulted you personally other than your asinine attempt to reduce the name of my blank profile. For all you know, I’m 12 years old on holiday for school yet you sit here projecting and avoiding logical debate with yet another personal insult based on absolutely nothing (sorry if you type slow in English, but I don’t. These replies take a minute tops and it’s never a waste of my time to show some “professional” that he’s making an ass of himself for no reason). I don’t care to be smarter than you (though it doesn’t seem too hard) so please, continue projecting and acting superior while you comment absolutely nothing of logical substance.

            Bottom line, you won’t back up your personal anecdotes with evidence, you won’t look at evidence that’s widely available, and you switch to personal attacks when you can’t carry the conversation. I’m not expecting anything of value from your side of the conversation, so I’m done here.

          • Charles

            TLDR, you have way too much time there bud

          • Vide Infra

            Ok kiddo, sorry you can’t handle the heat when you get in the kitchen.

          • Charles

            all I said was mp3s are shit.. and then you came along.. what heat are you referring to.. I believe it comes from your insecurity that your collection is all compressed music.. post a mix, if you truly are a dj, well it would be surprising to me

          • Vide Infra

            Again, projecting. You know nothing about me and I’ve already said I agree with the points of this article but you can’t accept that we agree on key points because internet pride. You are making up things about me to insult because you have no logical claims to make, like a child on a playground. The things I have “insulted you” for are your behavior in this thread, the things you are insulting me about are projections based on an imaginary person that you feel “better than”, and when you can’t come up with a logical response you insult the fact that i write more than you do. Like a child.

          • Charles

            I dont care enough to respond.. its over Tony

          • Vide Infra

            It’s been over since you stopped having anything to say other than pointless imaginary insults. Have a good day

          • Vide Infra

            Don’t care enough to respond, do care enough to try and name drop on my anonymous profile. Would sure love to know how you managed that

          • Vide Infra

            You didn’t just say MP3’s are shit, you shot down two very logical and technical posts explaining how little this adds to the average person because you want to keep on your little rant (which doesn’t even make sense because you’re just essentially repeating what THIS article says, and almost everyone here agrees except the kiddos that want to be famous).

          • Vide Infra

            And just because you’re a total ignoramus, as a noun in french (where it is also the adjective you imply) it means Space which would potentially translate to it’s correct Latin meaning and my intention, the Space Below, where people with huge egos and no substance to back them up reside (hope it’s comfy down there, fool).

          • Charles

            btw, we’re talking about djs, so called professionals that play music for a living to regular peeps.. if you cant afford your music, get a new job. If you the DJ cares about what youre providing to your audience, you might want to think about using an outdated codec that was invented to save bandwith in the infancy of the internet music days. Eventually if it becomes a standard ppl lose the reference. Having started on vinyl and switching mostly to WAV, if you get used to good systems and good files, the mp3 sticks out Vide.. interesting Vide means empty where Im from 😉

  • Michael Thex Corley

    if you can’t afford to buy the music you play, you probably shouldn’t be a dj… I can’t think of a single valid reason to rip music for playing out… at best it is the lazy approach (rather than trying to source a high quality, legitimate, version) .. at worst it is outright theft and one of the reasons there is less and less good music made each year (as more and more talented producers get screwed out of their income by things like this and file sharing and leave the music scene out of frustration) … so if your dj library consists of tracks obtained in this manner, then do the world a favor and either stop pretending to be a dj, or do it the “right way” and have respect for the people that make the music we enjoy by paying for the tracks you play and playing the best quality music you can for your audience

  • Juan Too Big Perez

    I remember paying $30 for a good record $2 is a bargain

    • Joel Gorman

      Tellem’ Juan! lol

      -Joel G.

  • I agree 100%…But,…for Skratching,or using speeches or old movie samples…I gotta admit i do it….so for kutting…plus an effect…it works for me…but for a whole track,outta 6 Cerwing Vega;s ….Hell no…Thanks for addressing this,,,for most new DJ’s dont understand fidelity….BTW,Love your show-

  • Mat Frost Music

    The main problem here is two fold.
    Firstly most wanna-be DJ’s in todays age have no real LOVE for the music. They have little understanding of how the music is made. To be unable to tell the difference in the audio quality of a WAV/FLAC/AIFF compared to a Good MP3 is bad enough. If nothing else just the actual file size should be enough to tell you. BUT to not be able to tell how bad a Youtube/Soundcloud/MP3 ripped from the internet and regurgitated upteen times sounds, where there is zero stereo width/field and it sounds like it is coming out of a pin hole in a box and you are wearing 3 pairs of ear warmers listening to it, well you should have your ears surgically removed and shoved up your back passage.
    Secondly, and for me the most important part, and I touched on it in the first part, is these ‘DJ’s’ have no real love or understanding of the music. For me you don’t become a DJ to make money, be famous, have chicks hang with you because you are ugly and it’s the only way they’ll look at you. No, you become a DJ as a natural progression from growing up with the music you love. The sound that excites you and you want to share it with others, giving others the enjoyment you feel when you play and hear the sounds. Getting paid to do that is a bonus, sometimes a very big bonus, but at the end of the day what you are really doing is sharing YOUR music collection with others. What is the point of sharing a record that sounds like shit, and you are to dumb in the ears to even hear that it’s shit. I’ve pulled up a few DJ’s asking them why they are playing music ripped from the internet. Normally they reply with ‘No I’m not I paid for this download’ to which my reply is ‘Well if you paid for it you’d better ask for your money back or a better copy as this one sounds cack’
    Livity, you don’t need any visible evidence to back this up !! All you need it your ears, they should be able to tell you all you need to know as to if it is a high quality WAV/FLAC or a ripped youtube cast off !!
    It is really simple, you should be playing your music collection, one you are proud off and want to share, not music you have stolen !!

  • Charles

    hahahahah.. its uncompressed only or youre a wanker that doesnt pay for his/her music

    • Ben Scott Mortimer

      Totally agree with ya Charles, for me it’s 24bit WAV or nothing, I do also have a rig to know the difference between WAV or a highly compressed file such as MP3

    • Ben Scott Mortimer

      My Rig

  • spookymotion

    I don’t play rips but have been frustrated by releases that are limited by region. Or remixes that are not available -anywhere- for any amount of money. Or non-digital only. Or a pre-released track that shows up in someone’s proton radio set that isn’t going to show up on beatport for another 4 months because reasons. If I try every possible method for paying a producer cash to receive their song and it still doesn’t work, then I might consider alternative ways of getting the track. Not youtube/soundcloud obviously, because that sounds like crap.

    • Vide Infra

      They limit those releases intentionally to avoid what you are doing, stealing songs that haven’t been released yet to play in your own sets. You are exactly the reason why music is becoming so hard to source these days. An artist wants to keep their fire to their self for their live sets or to drum up hype so a release doesn’t get slept on, so you rip it and play it in low quality because what? You feel entitled to play other people’s music in your sets? This kind of horseshit is ruining the music scene.

      • spookymotion

        These are all valid reasons. Thanks for letting me know- I’ll think twice before doing it in the future.

        • Vide Infra

          You times how many other hundreds of people? I appreciate that you have second guessed yourself and I certainly didn’t mean to imply you are solely responsible for ruining music for everyone but this is the exact logic that leads to this becoming a problem. This is why their are hardly any genuine free download hubs (besides like-inflating download gates), this is why Soundcloud is a wasteland of legitimate artists having their mixes blocked by copyright algorithm. Someone in the facebook comments for this article so eloquently put “I’m a DJ, not a consumer. I need to play the newest shit now, it’s MY JOB” as an excuse for bootlegging what very well could be exclusives that artists are intentionally withholding for that EXACT reason. If your sets are so bland that the only way to “move the dancefloor” is to bootleg other peoples exclusive / hard to find music, maybe you should consider making something of that quality yourself. People defending these practices are acting like the dozens of hours of hard work making a track are moot as long as they, an unrelated stranger, gets to profit off of it in the club. “It sounds cool in my sets so I DESERVE to play it”. If you had a working relationship with the artist or put in the actual ground work of sourcing a legitimate acquisition of a difficult sample or vinyl, you would have what you need and wouldn’t need low-quality rips. Then again, the only people with a heartfelt defense of this practice are trying to make money off of undiscerning attendees, not play music for music’s sake.

      • Diamond Cee

        That is not entirely true. Producers/ Dj’s limit there release for exclusivity. Meaning you want to listen to this track then you can only hear it from me or the select few I give it too. It raises the Dj’s importance too.

        This has been happening long before YouTube, sound cloud and such sites. I know this from my dj days in the drum & bass scene back in the day. No different today. Dj importance is as relevant now as it was then. Just think if a producer said only one of you are going to play this track out and it’s a banging track. How would you feel at being picked?

        • Vide Infra

          Not sure why you replied to me, you’re just repeating what I said in different words and telling me i’m partially wrong. They limit their release for exclusivity and random assholes ripping the track because they “NEED IT NAO” ruin said exclusivity… if they didn’t care, they wouldn’t keep the track unreleased would they? This is exactly why this low quality ripping bullshit is… bullshit. It’s defeating the purpose of the artist not releasing the song.

          On that note, it’s easy to find throwbacks like yourself on the opposite side of the fence saying it was a-ok to literally copy vinyl or record off the radio to vinyl to get “fresh cuts”. I’m entirely in favor of your last sentence and that would probably be evident if you read my whole post before commenting (I very specifically said that people with working relationships with an artist get unreleased tracks the right way).

  • Ruben Boucke

    I used to spend all my money on vinyl (student or unemployed), and saved money that others spent on fashion, travelling or an expensive car so i could play. Even low paid, i worked with vinyl only till about 2010. Now i’m earning decent money, and still buy a lot of vinyl even if i don’t dj much anymore. But a lot of music is only availeble on MP3, wich is sad. Start to offer high quality version if you are a producer, so we can play it. Or even better, press vinyl.

    And club owners, invest in a decent sound system. Many smaller clubs have a beaten up bad soundsystem, so the crowd can hardly tell the difference between a wav or a (low bitrate) mp3. And good turntables are hard to find in smaller clubs these days.

  • Robert Williams

    Im not defending ripping tracks off the internet because it isn’t right to do and as a producer with releases myself i understand the will to succeed, but I do want to chime in that if you have been in the game long enough to tell the difference by ear from a shitty rip and a full quality track, then I suppose someone ripping tracks could possibly get away with inly ripping the tracks uploaded as high quality using a high definition program. My point is that I think people who play HD tracks could possibly still be breaking the rules. One way to tell is looking at the size of the waveform also. Cheers.

  • darkstarR

    Blah blah blah……get in where you fit in! You uppity “djs” spend way to much time telling others what they should or should not do. It’s an EFFING PARTY!!!! Play music, have fun, stop trying to be such elitists. FFS! this is just as bad as the “digital vs vinyl” argument.

    • opinion100

      darkstarR, a profound statement 🙂 .. well, nobody cares if you have fun in your bedroom or at a private party, nobody cares about Quality or s**** sounding mp3´s..

      I don’t know what kind of music you play or listen, i don’t know what you expect when you go out, but if i hear loud music in a club or at a venue, i expect a bit of a standard.. we are in 2016 and not in the 20´s with gramophone and crackling sounds 🙂 …. or are you that type of person who watches 16:9 HD movies, recorded by a cheap phone in the cinema and that preferably on your small phone screen?. .. that would explain it 🙂 .. its great if you don’t need much to be happy and you don’t give a damn about sound or quality, fair enough.. but some others do, especially the ones who pay a bit of money for their entertainment 🙂

    • Hey I really want YOU to play through my 50k rig. Just bring any shitty 64kbps and play it at 100db, we’re not elitist, we just wanna PARTAY. Make sure you push it RIGHT INTO THE RED too, fuq dem snobby elitists right

  • Pri-Mark Sutton

    I’ve definitely been guilty of playing bad quality files, generally when someone’ said ‘have you got xyz terrible chart tune’ and it turns out I have, probably from some torrent 10 years back when 128k was the norm and by chance I have ‘we are family’ by sister sledge..

    They don’t know it, but you see the initial ‘WOO I KNOW THIS!’ and then a gradual disconnect as they stop dancing to ‘that tune that all of my friends want to hear’ because it sounds terrible..

    • Pri-Mark Sutton

      No diss on Sister sledge BTW 🙂

  • KenSanDiego

    Not just bad YouTube. Bad libraries because they downloaded all their music from newsgroups or torrents. I can always tell when a DJ is playing pirated music. It just sounds bad.

  • opinon100

    How can you seriously play Lowbit rate mp3´s in a Club on high volume? where People pay entrance and expect a professional night?

    Sure there are clubs, Venues or Events where the music isn’t important or just the charts are wanted.. this crowd listen to Music only on Youtube, Soundcloud or thru their cheap phone speakers. This crowd probably don’t know the difference anyway..

    When i was young i listened to mix tapes in a bad quality, but i loved it on my Walkman , the headphones where shit too back then.. but i didn’t care, it was just for my personal use only..

    I do understand that “low budget” Dj´s probably don’t get much money, but honestly, if you can’t afford 2$ for a track, you are in the wrong business.. You´ve spend probably a lot of money for your posh Headphones, Laptop, your latest Phone or hip T-shirt to look a bit decent, .. but you are not able to pay 50$ for your favorite tracks? With this amount of money you can buy music for a 2-3h set. … and step by step you can build up a decent, professional collection! .. and if you need “Classics” like Sister Sledge, go to a second hand record shop or Ebay, there are millions of used CD´s with “Best of whatever” for 1$…

    and if you want to play that brand new unreleased track or remix from your favorite Artist, then wait until it´s released, There is a reason why it´s limited or not available, you only look stupid if you play out ripped low quality tracks… set your own Standard and don’t try to find excuses 🙂

  • Keith

    That’s alright if you can afford to pay the prices these people are asking for the songs. And also if they are available in the regions where they live… I have been a DJ for over 40 years and now live in Bulgaria. I see up and coming DJs struggling to source the new songs when their daily wage is less than £8.00 . yes the cost of living may be cheaper here but when you want to buy your gear or songs your still expected to pay prices that are not equal to your rate of pay… A simple laser costs the equivelant of 12 weeks wages.

  • Sad that this even has to be written LOL

  • Joel Gorman

    Reasons to rip from soundcloud/youtube:
    1. Never get hired
    2. Become known amongst your DJ community as the guy who’s set sounds like poo.
    3. You love to party more than you love the music.
    4. You love to steal from these artists’ well deserved income.
    5. You’re a newbie.

    Any others?

    • Charles

      nope, that nails it

  • Some djs rip from youtube and sound cloud because they are ‘lazy’ or eager to hone in on some sort of exclusivity…. Others do it because they honestly can’t find particular songs with the high quality file.. For some younger deejays its really difficult to find old classic releases that were only found on 12inch singles, made popular via the radio, but can’t be brought..

    In any case, I’ve rocked with deejays, some of them very popular and well known who have rocked low quality or ripped songs.. from what I seen, if the song is banging, ain’t nobody left the dance floor or ran up to the deejay booth crying about how the music sounded bad..

    Heck many consumers/ club goers have ripped songs and have been doing rips long before many of us deejays// have we forgotten why the traditional music industry was in such a tailspin?? Have we forgotten the days of Napster? Limewire and others places people went seeking music, after tiring from paying $15 bucks for an album that only had one or two good songs?? Point being many have become acclimated to MP3s and low quality sound..

    On a personal note.. its been a challenge ripping the thousands of records I have, many of them 12inches collected since the 70s.. Can’t find digital copies anywhere.. Its mathematical, real time challenge thing.. You have 100 records with 4 remixes, 5-7minutes each… That’s a good half hour just to record the song.. even longer if you’re making sure there’s no scratches, skips etc.. 100 X 30 minutes is a lot of time.. Some of us have it, some of us don’t..

    I recall transferring all my early house records to digital format.. its took months.. many of those joints I never found good digital copies which I’d much rather pay for them spend so much time re-recording.. Even re ripping CDs to a higher quality is time consuming.. who knew 5, 10 years ago memory would cheap and a terrabyte hard drives which could run you several hundred bucks would be $60 or $70?? If folks who have the sources can find this challenging, I can only imagine those who dont have them will grab what they can, rock a party and keep it moving..

  • GJ

    I agree with this 100% – I hate listening to DJ’s that uses low quality music. Im all about sound. You will find no crappy equipment in my studio. The way I think, If I can hear it and it bothers me at a venue, it will bother other people as well. Any REAL DJ gets paid a nice amount of money to provide music and sometimes entertainment. Why would you take someones money and offer them shitty service. Sound quality is part of the service you are providing.

    • Elizabeth Bales

      “They will be shot down…..”

      Nope. They will be too busy beating you and your boytoy “easong” worthless asses Rodney King style! They have no time to deal with such silly things like an airplane flying a anti York banner.

      And if you want to respond to me, you can find me at my “baybelletrist” twitter account. And bring your faggy forty whiners fans with you! You are all the biggest Jed York/Trent Balkke cock suckers ever!