DJcityTV Launches New Series “Bedroom Sessions” [Video]

DJcity recognizes there’s a ton of dope DJs from across the globe who deserve more shine. To showcase these DJs and bring light to their talents, we’ve created a new series called “Bedroom Sessions” which features folks throwing down sets in their homes. The mixes are open format without special effects, fancy club decoration and other fluff. Just DJs doing what they love.

In the first episode of “Bedroom Sessions,” DJ Muff demonstrates his mixing and scratching skills in a five minute video. We don’t know much about Muff except for the following blurb he sent us:

“I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m 24, been DJing for about 6 years now. I do gigs periodically, but basically just stick to my 9-5 (computer programmer). DJing is mainly just a hobby for me, but I love it.”

Got what it takes to be featured on the next episode of “Bedroom Sessions”? Send an example video (2-4 minutes) to

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