DJcityTV EXCLUSIVE – Redfoo Makes History With Beat Rock App

San Diego, CA – Redfoo made history this month using the Beat Rock App while DJing his full set for the first time, and we got the EXCLUSIVE footage. While connected through bluetooth and attached to the mixer, from his iPhone (app also works with iPads), foo went through an hour long DJ set and showcased how versatile the app is by using its built in efx, user-friendly features and blended tracks seamlessly.

What if he could have recorded his set and put it right on Soundcloud that same night? With Beat Rock, it’s not could he but will he? With the app, you can record your live sets and directly upload them to your Soundcloud page. And with all of our busy schedules, what if there was an app that could let you practice on-the-fly, anywhere, without a midi-interface? There is; Beat Rock! Just imagine practicing/preparing a set on your lunch break or on a plane, since Serato doesn’t give you the two turntable feature. Now do you see why Afrojack told Redfoo, “You made this? F@#* you!” – DJ Dainjazone

Beat Rock is available now on iTunes or download the app HERE!