DJ Play: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

DJ Play
Most working DJs have a couple must-have items that they bring to all their gigs. From cables and gadgets to snacks and clothes, everyone has their own needs. For the first article in a new series, we asked our UK Director DJ Play which items he always has in his DJ bag.

Apple MacBook Apple MacBook Air
The MacBook Air is light and easy to carry, with enough space for all my music. Perfecto.
Crane Stand Crane Stand
I use a Crane laptop stand with the flat base add-on because it sits under the mixer better. They were only on sale for a short while. It’s like an OG version of their current Elite stand.
Rane SL2 Rane SL2
There’s so many choices these days for Serato-enabled mixers, but I stick with my SL2 box. We’ve been through so much together.
Mixtape Mixtapes
I always pack my latest CD in my DJ bag. If I don’t have a new one, I’ll carry one of my boys’ to give out, especially if you’ve got some hot girls in the booth. They love free CDs. Which leads to the next item…
Condom Rubbers
You don’t wanna get caught slippin’! She might look smokin’ hot in the DJ booth but what if she ain’t the one in the morning?

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