DJ Mal-Ski Has Become a Secret Weapon at USC Basketball Games

DJ Mal-Ski
DJ Mal-Ski (photo: Imagez by LB)

The ability to read crowds and be creative with wordplay are two essential skills of a great DJ. Mal-Ski, the official DJ for USC’s basketball team, excels at both of those things. The Trojans have won all of their home games so far this season — except for the one he missed.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Mal-Ski discussed how his personality and crowd reading skills help the team win. In addition to working the mic, Mal-Ski also gets creative with selection and sound effects.

For example, when opposing teams warm up, Mal-Ski will play sleep-inducing music such as the theme from M.A.S.H. “If I can get one percent of them thinking about me, and not focus on our players in the game, then they’re not fully focused,” he said.

Though Mal-Ski isn’t approved by all of USC’s faculty, it’s clear his strategy is working. USC associate athletic director Craig Kelly told the LA Times that he receives calls from schools around the country asking how to replicate USC’s in-game experience.

“I grew up loving USC, I grew up loving music, I grew up loving basketball,” Mal-Ski said. “So for me, it’s a combination of great. It’s a combination of just wonderful. I love everything about it.”

Mal-Ski counts four other USC teams and the Los Angeles Sparks among his clients. He also hosts a show on Inglewood’s Radio Free 102.3 KJLH.

Watch him in action below.

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