DJ Jazzy Jeff to Perform on MikiDz Show

DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of our all-time favorites and we’ve wanted to feature him on the MikiDz Show since its launch in 2009. Now it’s official: the legendary party rocker will be performing on our next episode, which airs Tuesday, March 4th!

Few DJs have remained relevant throughout their careers and Jazzy Jeff is one of the rare exceptions. His talent, knowledge and enthusiasm has inspired DJs and fans for decades and we’re thrilled to feature him! Please take note that the show airs next Tuesday at 7:30pm PST (not Monday).

Also, shout out to everyone who watched Thugli’s epic performance on the MikiDz Show last night. The live stream was showcased on Ustream’s homepage marking our second feature of the year. We’re expecting to make history once again with Jazzy Jeff so don’t miss the show!

In the meantime, check out Jeff’s latest episode of his online series, Vinyl Destination. Watch as Jeff and his crew journey to Russia and Bulgaria to rock shows and experience the local culture: