DJ Jazzy Jeff & Skratch Bastid Rehearsing at the Red Bull Thre3style US Finals

Last week, Serato blessed fans with a beautifully shot video of DJ Jazzy Jeff performing his classic “Peter Piper” routine. They also shared an interview in which Jeff praised his fellow DJs ESKEI83 and Skratch Bastid for their efforts in moving the art forward.
Jeff matched his words with action last night, though, by joining Skratch for a performance at the Red Bull Thre3style US Finals in Arizona. A video of their set isn’t available, but thankfully Jeff hooked us up with an exclusive video of them rehearsing at Club Red.
If you’re in or near Phoenix tonight, check out the final round of the Thre3style US Finals at The Pressroom. Doors open at 9 p.m.
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