Diplo and Skrillex Discuss Similarities Between Hip-Hop and EDM

Jack U
Diplo might be celebrating his birthday today but he and Skrillex still found time to stop by New York radio station Hot 97 for a chat. Speaking on the station’s “Ebro in the Morning” show, the two artists discussed their love for different genres and how their group Jack U is dedicated to combining them. Diplo also revealed he’s working on a track with Nas and another artist, and Skrill revealed he’s working on projects with Fergie and Missy Elliot.

“I never thought I was a dance producer. We had that lane for a little bit and we worked in it but we’ve always been bigger than that.” – Diplo

This is one the best interviews we’ve seen with either Diplo or Skrillex because it shows how diverse their musical influences are and why labeling them as EDM artists sells them short.

Here’s a breakdown of the topics:
– Diplo meeting Kanye West in the mid-2000s (1:00)
– Riff Raff’s authenticity (3:50)
– Collaborating with Usher (7:20)
– Working with different genres and the similarities between hip-hop and EDM (9:10)
– Diplo being influenced by early electro and hip-hop (14:00)
– The dancehall scene and working in Jamaica (16:40)
– How EDM is changing in the US (20:10)
– Diplo’s respect for Fool’s Gold and A-Trak (24:30)
– Skrillex’s production influences (25:30)
– What Diplo and Skrillex were like in high school (29:00)
– Diplo’s friendship with Katy Perry (30:20)
– Celebrity DJs Paris Hilton and Pauly D (32:00)
– Being hated on for blending genres (36:20)
– Their upcoming projects (39:20)
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