Deorro Explains Why He Will Quit DJing

Back in May, Los Angeles-based DJ/producer Deorro announced on Twitter that he was going to quit DJing. The decision was a shock to many, as Deorro has seen enormous growth and success over the last year and shows no signs of slowing.
So why would a 23-year-old who’s on the path to superstardom want to stop touring? Deorro explained his decision in a recent interview while on the road in Germany, and we must say it’s quite admirable. In addition to focusing on his production, Deorro wants to spend more time with his two children and focus on building up the artists on his PandaFunk label.

“Touring has blessed me with everything that I have . . . But now that I have everything I need, I also want to give the same thing to others . . . I’m going to replace myself with ten people that also want the same dream . . . Don’t get me wrong, I love to DJ, I’m gonna miss it. I’m probably gonna miss it two days after I go home but I’d rather miss DJing than my family.”

Deorro also discussed a new studio he’s building, the challenges that come with fame, his love for his fans, and more. Watch the entire interview below:

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