Craze and Four Color Zack Give Their Two Cents With Scathing New Mix

Craze and Four Color Zack
Craze and Four Color Zack perform at The Do-Over in San Diego, California on July 4, 2015.
World Champion DJs Craze and Four Color Zack are known for speaking their minds, but their new mix takes things to a whole new level.
Aptly titled , Craze and Zack’s 33-minute set is a brutal yet hilarious assault on the current state of DJing and hip-hop. It features dozens of classics, new bangers, thought-provoking samples, and of course, top-notch turntablism.
Whether you agree with the message or not, is one of the most creative, intricate, and powerful mixes in a long time. If you thought Craze’s “New Slaves” routine was great, then you’re in for a huge treat.

“There’s a lot happening in this DJ world. Get involved in the conversation, repost and share.” – Craze and Four Color Zack


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