BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong & SFX’s Shelly Finkel Discuss EDM, Promoting Events & More [Video]

Here’s another gem from 2013’s International Music Summit in Hollywood which DJcity attended in April. In the video, Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1) and Shelly Finkel (SFX) discuss SFX’s recent acquisition of Beatport, EDM as a culture vs just music, the relationship between dance music and Las Vegas casinos, plus more.

One of our favorite parts is when Finkel, a former boxing promotor who managed Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao and Evander Hollyfield, points out the similarities between promoting boxing and music events.

Notable quotes:

“We believe this a culture not just a dance music scene.” – Shelly Finkel

“In our office we have a very large photo from Mysteryland, and if you look at the crowd, I’d say 60% are not even looking at the stage. They’re talking to their friends, they’re dancing, they’re doing a lot of other things and that hopefully is what this genre will be.” – Shelly Finkel