Annie Mac Addresses Cell Phone Usage in Clubs

Annie Mac. (Source: Facebook)

In 2017, Annie Mac presented Who Killed The Night?, a BBC Three documentary which explores the controversies around the closure of almost half of the UK’s clubs over the past ten years. In a recent interview with Music Week, the BBC Radio 1 host discussed how the modern obsession with cell phones is damaging the clubbing experience. She also offered a potential solution.

Mac, who recently went on a tour for the first time in two years, noticed a “distinct difference,” among club goers.

“That difference was phones – it was next level. Everything had to be recorded on people’s phones, or they were asking me to take selfies… It was constant phones in my face.” she told Music Week. “I feel like that’s a really big problem in terms of clubbing now, because the ultimate idea and goal of clubbing is to connect…”

As for a possible solution, Mac used New York’s Output and Berlin’s Berghain nightclubs’ no photos or videos policy as an example:

“You’re either not allowed to bring your phone in, which I think is a bit extreme, or they put a sticker over your screen so that you can’t take photos,” she said. “I think what will happen moving forward is that it will become the thing to not have a phone in a club. I hope it will become the norm – I think that would be really good for clubbing in general.”

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