A-Trak Pays Tribute to Club DJs While at Coachella

After his surprise set at the Coachella festival this weekend, A-Trak took to Instagram on Sunday to pay tribute to club DJs. The Fool’s Gold boss included the following message with an image of the hashtag “#ClubDJing” on his account:

“It’s pretty amazing how the lineage of DJ AM still lives on more than 5 years after his passing. He really defined the style of club DJs in America: active mixing, scratching transitions, acappella loops, jumping between genres and tempos… In this era when the spotlight is mostly on large-scale festival performances, I just wanted to shine some light on the guys putting in work in the clubs 5 nights per week. In some ways, clubs give more freedom than festivals. It’s where new songs get broken and where you get an audience’s attention for many hours. I love popping into clubs incognito and watching dudes work. So with that said let me give a shout out to a couple soldiers like @djvice @djruckusofficial @JesseMarco @djspider @djsteve1der @myfavoritedj (Konflikt) @djfive @djcrooked @djscene @fourcolorzack @fashen @djev @jusske @djspryte @trentinomusic @djwonderpics and many many more. I’ve been talking about #RealDJing for a while on this page. Pay attention to what’s going on at your local clubs too: I bet you there’s someone putting in serious work, taking risks, mixing up crowd favorites with custom edits, cutting up some doubles. Salute, I see you.”

Despite having performed at some of the world’s biggest festivals for years, A-Trak hasn’t forgotten about his roots and those who’ve supported him along the way. In a time when festival superstars get most of the money and attention, it’s great to see a legend like A-Trak shine light on club DJs and remind fans how important they are.
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