6 Inspiring Quotes from Superstar DJ/producers

Nicky Romero
Nicky Romero
DJ Mag’s Top 100 is a polarizing topic in the community but that doesn’t take away from the talent and achievements of those who made the rankings. To celebrate their annual poll, the website spoke with a handful of the DJs who ranked in this year’s list about their favorite production gear, what advice they have for up-and-comers, and more. Here’s some of our favorite responses:

“I think for most new kids it’s important to sound different from the rest, to have your own sound, to be able to produce something that’s not there yet . . . If you want to be unique and you want to be a big DJ, create your own style, create your own signature.” – Nicky Romero


“Follow your own style and heart and passion and don’t do what’s popular, because it’s a fast growing industry and growing rapidly so just do what you think is cool and you’re following will follow.” – Showtek


“Do what it is that you really feel artistically you represent. Like I said before, there’s guys that’ve blown up doing something that’s really not who they are and they’re not happy, you know there’s not that sense of accomplishment, as if when you’re doing something from the heart when it’s deep in your soul and it’s coming out and then you’re successful doing it, it is so much more rewarding. So I was always say, stay true to the artist that’s inside of you.” – Markus Schulz


“Never ever give up on your dream. If I can do it, you can do it too. And it’s just a matter of perseverance, keeping positive and working as hard and as smart as you can.” – Laidback Luke


“First of all, it has to be your passion because that’s what it all starts with. After that, learn everything about sound designing and sound engineering because that’s absolutely the building blocks of producing music.” – Ummet Ozcan


“What you see nowadays is people just make exactly what’s on Beatport right now and that’s not a way to gain new fans because everything you’re doing has already been done and somebody is probably way better than you at doing it. So be original, try something new and work really hard.” – Dyro

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