Watch Z-Trip Throw Down in Front of 40,000 People

The controversy around “button pushing DJs” has been an issue for a couple years now, but Z-Trip and 3LAU’s clash at the recent EDMbiz Conference added fuel to the fire.
During the a discussion panel, a debate broke out between the legendary DJ and the rising EDM star on whether DJs should include improvisation in their sets. Z-Trip, of course, argued that DJs should go off the track, at least a little bit, even if they perform pre-planned sets. He famously exclaimed, “We’re not Beyoncé or David Copperfield, motherf#ckers, we’re DJs!”
Which leads us to one of the dopest things we’ve seen so far this week: a five-minute video of Z-Trip performing with LL Cool J on the Fourth of July. The impressive footage shows Z-Trip dropping classics and cutting in front of over 40,000 people in Washington, DC.
Sure, Z-Trip would’ve shared the video even if the argument hadn’t happened, but the debate really puts it in context. There’s no doubt that Z-Trip wants to show the world that open-format DJs can rock massive crowds like their EDM counterparts, and why shouldn’t he?
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