How to Use ‘Transition Stingers’

DJcityTV and Beat Refinery are back with a new episode of the tutorial series, Turntable Techniques. This time, DJ As-One demonstrates how to use “transition stingers” in DJ sets.

Transition stingers are exclusive performance tools that start at one tempo and end with a sample. They enable DJs to drop a song of any tempo immediately after the current track. By being able to jump around different BPM ranges, DJs can add creativity to their sets.

Watch As-One break down how to use stingers above and download them only on DJcity.

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  • Dee J. Accent

    Awesome!! Thank you, will be looking for more from you

    • Da Dred

      Any Transition Stingers on this sight?

      • Bruno Chango

        Yes, just search for “stinger” and you should find them all

  • Dj Dale Da Dred

    Can not find any Transition Stingers on this sight.