Timbaland Says His New Artist Tink ‘Saved My Life’

Timbaland is working with a new artist and he can’t say enough good things about her.
During an interview with “The Breakfast Club” on Wednesday morning, the Grammy-winning producer praised Tink — a 19-year-old female rapper/singer who he recently signed.
“The only artist you can compare her to is Lauryn Hill,” Timbaland said. “Her album is probably one of the best albums I’ve done since [Aaliyah’s] ‘One in a Million.'”
Timbo did more than just talk, though, and played an unreleased version of Rick Ross’ new single “Movin’ Bass,” which features the Chicago native. He also shared an original of hers.
The discussion about Tink begins at the 12:10 mark. Skip to 18:40 to hear her on “Movin’ Bass” and 27:50 for an original track.
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