Satoru: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag



As Music Director, Satoru is a key part of DJcity UK‘s team. The Newcastle native is also an active club DJ and can be found rocking clubs from England to Japan on a regular basis. Below are five essential items that he always carries in his DJ bag.


D-Link 4-Port USB Hub

“I prefer HID mode over control CDs, so this is essential for connecting CDJs to my laptop. It’s quite compact, and I can charge my phone at the same time, too.”

Wrigley’s Extra Peppermint Gum

“Clubs are loud, and you probably sip on liquor when you’re there. When it comes to exchanging words with another human being, proximities get close and so does your breath. Keep it fresh!”

Fader Caps

“We’ve all been there: you walk into the club only to find that all of the fader caps on the mixer are missing. It’s a nightmare. It doesn’t happen to me very much anymore, but I bring caps just in case.”

Mpow Clip-On Wide Angle Lens

“Who needs a GoPro? Clip this baby onto your iPhone and get some dope wide-angle shots of the club and crowd.”


“If I’m in another city or have a loose schedule, I usually stick around the club and have a jolly good ‘ole time after my set. Hotel checkout times aren’t hangover-friendly, so it’s handy to have some painkillers around for the morning. Be prepared!”


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Watch Satoru and Doc Jnr Scratch Over Chris Porter’s ‘The Water Dance’

Taking a break from his duties as DJcity UK’s music director, Satoru has joined forces with fellow Brit Doc Jnr for a scratch routine based on Chris Porter and Pitbull’s “The Water Dance.” Though it’s short, the one-minute video puts Satoru and Doc’s skills on full display.
Watch above and download “The Water Dance” on DJcity.
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