Reid Stefan

Watch: Ghost Producer Maarten Vorwerk Joins Puppet Reid Stefan For Production Tutorial

Maarten Vorwerk
Maarten Vorwerk (Source: Facebook)

Of the thousands of production tutorials on YouTube, few stand out as much as Reid Stefan‘s. The Los Angeles DJ/producer hosts a popular channel in which a puppet version of him gives lessons.

Stefan is best known for his 2016 Steve Aoki collab “Bring the Funk Back” as well as his 2015 twerk single, “Booty Alert.”

The channel, which focuses on teaching in Ableton, has close to 100,000 subscribers and one million views. It occasionally features tutorials from guests, including Henry Fong and Milo & Otis member KillaGraham.

Stefan’s latest guest is Dutch producer Maarten Vorwerk. An Aruba native, Vorwerk is rumored to be the ghost producer behind some of dance music’s biggest artists.

Vorwerk joins Stefan via Skype for a quick interview before giving a tutorial on how to make a mono signal sound more stereo. During the convo, Vorwerk talks about his production book Vorwerk Tip of the Week, having patience while producing, and his favorite plugins.

Watch the interview and tutorial below.

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