Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

Kutcorners: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag



As part of Serato’s artist relations team, Matt Perry, a.k.a. Kutcorners, is constantly on the road. From festivals and competitions to conferences and workshops, the Vancouver, Canada native does it all. Kutcorners is also a resident at Good Life Sundays at Republic and is in two groups: The Freshest and Live Evil. Check out his must-have travel items below.


Serato 10″ Control Vinyl

“I’ve got a few different versions of these, but I’d say my favorite is the first Red Bull Thre3style edition.”

Microsonic ER-15 Custom Earplugs

“These are so essential; I even DJ with them. I can hear clearer and better and wake up feeling good. Hearing is a major cause of fatigue, and when you’re going to an event every night for a week, these babies enable you to stay focused, make music, and enjoy it the next day.”

Supreme Kleen Kanteen Water Bottle

“Drinking water is very good for you, but plastic bottles are bad for the environment. I don’t bust this out in the club, but I use it everywhere else to stay hydrated.”

Powered USB Hub and USB Cables

“I don’t usually use CDJs, but when I do, I use HID mode. It’s the easiest and most fun way to perform on CDJs for me. I sometimes find myself in a club with the typical CDJ and DJM900NXS setup, and the hub enables me to take full advantage of that rig. Plus, you can use it to charge your phone, etc.”

Apple iPad Mini 2

“I use this with the Serato Remote quite a bit. I really enjoy having access to cues, loops, samples, and FX regardless of the setup. Also, since the iPad is small and flat, it fits in my bag nicely and doubles as a movie player on flights where there isn’t a TV. I’ve yet to read a book on it, though. [laughs]”


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Satoru: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag



As Music Director, Satoru is a key part of DJcity UK‘s team. The Newcastle native is also an active club DJ and can be found rocking clubs from England to Japan on a regular basis. Below are five essential items that he always carries in his DJ bag.


D-Link 4-Port USB Hub

“I prefer HID mode over control CDs, so this is essential for connecting CDJs to my laptop. It’s quite compact, and I can charge my phone at the same time, too.”

Wrigley’s Extra Peppermint Gum

“Clubs are loud, and you probably sip on liquor when you’re there. When it comes to exchanging words with another human being, proximities get close and so does your breath. Keep it fresh!”

Fader Caps

“We’ve all been there: you walk into the club only to find that all of the fader caps on the mixer are missing. It’s a nightmare. It doesn’t happen to me very much anymore, but I bring caps just in case.”

Mpow Clip-On Wide Angle Lens

“Who needs a GoPro? Clip this baby onto your iPhone and get some dope wide-angle shots of the club and crowd.”


“If I’m in another city or have a loose schedule, I usually stick around the club and have a jolly good ‘ole time after my set. Hotel checkout times aren’t hangover-friendly, so it’s handy to have some painkillers around for the morning. Be prepared!”


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DJ Ferno: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

DJ Ferno

DJ Ferno
DJ Ferno performs at Foxtail Nightclub in Las Vegas during CES 2017. (photo: Cristopher Schafer)

If you’ve ever seen an episode of DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Vinyl Destination show, then you know who DJ Ferno is. A native of Philadelphia, the DJ/producer started off as a local party rocker and media personality and was recruited by Jeff in 2013 to join him on tour. Ferno has since spent hundreds of days on the road with “The Magnificent,” performing everywhere from Las Vegas and London to Thailand and Dubai. Below are his must-have travel items.


UAD Apollo Twin Interface

“We tour almost 200 days a year, so it’s important to be able to record while out. UAD nailed it with this interface. I love the converters and being able to record with ultra-low latency. Their incredible plugins are a bonus.”

Ableton Push

“I’m an Ableton user, and since its release, the Push controller has been my main instrument.”

Alcohol Wipes

“We’ve all been in the position when the connection in the [turntable’s] tonearm gives us issues. Alcohol wipes solve the problem seven out of 10 times.”


“It’s a must that I always have my passport. A while back we were in Los Angeles and got a call that we needed fly to London the following morning. That was actually the day Will [Smith] and Jeff did The Graham Norton Show. I always gotta be ready.”

Shinola Notebook

“I use this to quickly take down ideas and outline projects I’m working on. I prefer writing as opposed to typing.”


Watch the latest episode of Vinyl Destination below:

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Big Syphe: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

Big Syphe

Big Syphe
Big Syphe at Wall Lounge in Miami Beach, Florida on Aug. 7, 2015. (credit: World Red Eye)

When you’re the tour DJ for an artist known as “Mr. Worldwide,” you learn a thing or two about traveling. A native of Los Angeles, Big Syphe first made a name for himself as a host on Power 106 FM. Years later, he was recruited by Pitbull to serve as his DJ on a world tour. During this time, the Angeleno had also made his mark as a producer, having remixed for superstars like Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, and of course, Mr. Worldwide. Now focused on his solo career, Syphe can be found rocking clubs from coast to coast and beyond. Check out his must-have travel items below.



“I always travel with two pillows. I put one on the back of my neck and the other on my lower back. They make my travels very comfy! If you get stuck sitting in the middle seat on a plane, then you definitely want two pillows. Trust me!”


“I can’t forget my iPad. It’s always a must for me because I never watch TV or go to the movies while I’m home, so I download my shows and watch them on my flights. But I always end up falling asleep! There goes the $50 I spent on iTunes! [laughs]”

Advil or Tylenol

“If you’re a DJ who loves to drink and wild out at your gigs, then you should always carry two of either of these pills. I always take two before I go to bed. That way, when I wake up, I just have a minor headache and my travel day is better than it should be.”

Portable Battery Packs

“Another item I can’t forget! My phone and iPad can usually last on five-hour flights, but I always bring two chargers with me for longer trips.”

Chewing Gum

“I don’t think I have to explain this one: You don’t want to have some stank-ass breath when you travel. I always buy two packs of gum at the airport.”


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J. Espinosa: Must-Have Items in My Bag

J. Espinosa

J. Espinosa
J. Espinosa at Fluxx Nightclub in San Diego on Sept. 24, 2016 (via Facebook)

From holding down the airwaves at Los Angeles’ Power 106 and San Francisco’s 99.7 NOW! to rocking clubs and Oakland Raiders games, J. Espinosa is one California’s busiest DJs. The Bay Area native is also an accomplished battle DJ, having won the Red Bull Thre3style US Championship in 2015. Check out his five must-have travel items below.


Serato Control Vinyl, Red Bull Thre3style Edition

“I got a pair of really dope white control vinyl when I was in Japan last year for the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals. I barely ever use them, but just having them in my bag reminds me of my accomplishment.”

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets

“What can I say? Sometimes I be greasy. I can’t be in pictures looking like I just jumped out a french fry basket!”

iPhone Charger

“I have a phone charger that never leaves my bag.”

Fingernail Clippers

“I can’t focus if my fingernails get too long. I get self-conscious about them, so I always keep some nail trimmers with me!”

Jason Markk Quick Wipes

“I gotta keep my kicks fresh when I’m on the road, and we all know that your shoes are gonna to get stepped on at least 89 times when you run to the restroom during your set. These wipes work great for on-the-go touch-ups if you’re a neat freak like me.”


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DJ Zo: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

DJ Zo performs at Spam N Eggs in Los Angeles on Sept. 16, 2016. (source: Facebook)

From exclusive events at SoHo House to underground parties at The Line Hotel and Spam N Eggs, DJ Zo covers a lot of ground with his residencies. It seems like the Los Angeles party rocker and turntablist is always performing somewhere, including quarterly gigs in Asia. Zo is also a guest mixer on DJcityTV, where he hosts a monthly mix series. Below are his five must-have items that he always carries in his DJ bag.

DJ Zo's items

Serato 10" control vinyl

“Thank you to my boy Kutcorners for putting me on to these. I can’t use any other records now because these are way slippy! You can really throw the record for those New York-style spinback mix-outs when you combine these with Thud Rumble’s Butter Rugs or D-Styles’ Table Cloth slipmats.”

STOKYO Black Box cartridge case

“Big ups to Chuck from STOKYO for hooking this up. I also have Shure’s blue cartridge case (the old school version with all four needles on the bottom). I prefer the Black Box because it has a secret compartment for extra styluses, screws, needle brushes, and other things.”

TSA PreCheck and Global Entry enrollment

“These programs are a must if you fly often. With PreCheck, you don’t have to wait in the unbearable security line, take off your shoes, and take your laptop out of your bag. With Global Entry, you can skip the long customs line when returning to the US from abroad. Go straight to the computer, scan your card, and you’ll pass through customs in less than 20 minutes. You can apply online for both, but you’ll need to do in-person interviews at an airport (the interviews are more of a formality; the TSA doesn’t ask you anything substantial).”

Auxiliary cord

“I bring one so I can play requests from girls who come up to me and say, ‘can’t you just play it off my iPhone?’ I also love it when someone comes up and asks, ‘can you charge my phone?’ [jokes] With an AUX cord, you’re always prepared. You never know who’s going to come through the club with some heat straight from the studio.”

Mitchum deodorant

“I get funky on the stage: both on the decks and under my arms. Deodorant is necessary, especially if I’m doing back-to-back gigs or after hours events. I use Mitchum’s mountain air scent.”


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