Moog Brings Back Three Classic Synths

The Moog System 55 modular synthesizer.
Legendary synthesizer maker Moog has announced that it will recommence a limited manufacturing run of three of its most sought-after modular synths: the System 55, the System 35 and the Model 15.
Originally released in 1973, the synths were fundamental in the development of contemporary soul, R&B, and disco, including Stevie Wonder’s classic 70s albums and Giorgio Moroder’s projects which ushered in electronic dance music.
The synths will come in limited quantities due to the nature of the manufacturing process. There will be 55 units of the System 55, priced at $35,000 per instrument; 35 of units of the System 35, priced at $22,000 per instrument; and 150 units of the Model 15, priced at $10,000 per instrument.
As part of the announcement, Moog has released a short film about the relationship artists have with modular synthesizers. The video features commentary and performances from electronic music pioneers and new artists alike. The performances were recorded in one take with no overdubs.
Watch the video below and get more information about the synths at Moog’s website.

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