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DJ Traps Wins 2016 DMC US Finals

DJ Traps

DJ Traps
DJ Traps competes at the 2016 DMC Bay Area Finals. (Joysco Photos)

Last updated: 9/1/16

The 2016 DMC US Finals took place in Oakland, California on Sunday, but it turns out they announced the wrong winner.

Christie Z-Pabon, CEO of DMC USA, has revealed that their team made a “major mistake” in their calculation and incorrectly awarded the championship to New York’s DJ Perly. The actual winner of the battle was, in fact, San Jose’s DJ Traps.

“As you may know, DMC gives 3 points for each No1 vote, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd,” Pabon explained in the post. “Unfortunately in the heat of battle our team added points the opposite way round. This meant that the actual winner (TRAPS) came third whilst placed (PERLY) appeared to be the winner, but actually took second.”

Traps, along with the other national champions, will go on to compete at the DMC World Finals in London on September 24.

Also, in light of the mistake, Pabon said the DMC will allow Perly to advance straight to the next US Finals in 2017.

Read Pabon’s full statement below and stay tuned for a video of Traps’ winning set.

Well alrighty then… Just heard they tallied up the votes wrong and @djtraps won the USA finals instead of @djperly ???? @dmc_world

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