Enhance Your Vinyl Record Display With CLRCASE



There are many vinyl display cases on the market, but finding one that’s both stylish and reliable can be a frustrating task. That’s why Los Angeles-based company Art of Records has created the CLRCASE.

According to the company, the CLRCASE “offers a crystal clear view of records and covers, protects from damage and dust, and offers easy access to play vinyl in seconds.” It was invented by vinyl enthusiast Adam Kawasawa, who had grown tired of the inconvenience and damage caused by traditional frames.

“Record lovers appreciate quality and a tactile experience, and that’s what CLRCASE celebrates,” Kawasawa said in a press release. “I felt it was important to make a record display case that showcases the craftsmanship of vinyl, while keeping it fun and simple to operate….”


Kawasawa’s design is not only elegant, but it’s also safe and functional. The case contains a reversible patent-pending adaptor that enables users to display either the vinyl or its cover. It also includes a quick-release tab for easy access inside and is made out of a sturdy clear acrylic casing.

The project began in 2012 and has taken Kawasawa thousands of hours of design and nine prototypes to complete. He was inspired by his hard-working grandfather Don, who pressed vinyl for Columbia Records for over 30 years.

CLRCASE is still in Kickstarter phase, having only launched on Tuesday, May 1. Impressively, Art of Records’ campaign was completely funded its first day. Those looking to get special rewards can still pledge funds until May 31 however.

Learn more about the CLRCASE on Kickstarter and watch a promo video below.

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