Staff Picks – January 2013

DJcity Staff Picks – January 2013

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DJ Dainjazone
MikiDz Show

Editor / Producer

1. Soul II Soul – Back To Life
I love the indie feel of this song. The production is timeless and captivating. Drop it in your opening set and/or in a mixtape.

2. Wale – Get Me Doe
I have a feeling that out of all the trap songs that are played in the club this will be the sleeper – the one that everyone loves to hear but forgets to play. Rally the troops to this one.

3. Stacks & Trina – Don’t Kiss Deez
The LA sound is taking over different scenes. The hook and beat of this track are catchy. Fellas can relate to the words, or at least they act like they can. Another sleeper.

1. Justin Timberlake – Suit & Tie
JT, Jay-Z, & Timbo? Not convinced this will wind up being a hit, but the artist lineup alone makes this track worthy of being highlighted as a staff pick.

2. Classified – Inner Ninja
This song is best summed up by a conversation I had with Kidd Spin: “I thought it was gonna be cheesy with that intro but it’s crazy good. What Jack Johnson would sound like doing a hip hop track.”

3. Sub Focus – Tidal Wave
Overall just an awesome track that keeps getting better with every listen.

DJ Fuse
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DJ Primetyme
Editor / Producer

1. Ciara – Wake Up, No Make-up
Hoodsexy™. This woman is one of the few gifted women who can make hood sexy. She’s back on that “Ride” swag with this track.

2. Cazzette – Beam Me Up (Kill Mode)
This was actually released a while back but flew under the radar. It’s a big-room track that’s been on my playlist for a minute. Huge energy.

3. Wale – The One Eye Kitten Song
The title alone makes this an automatic hit. Wale lyrically gives this track a good bounce. It’s one of those tracks that girls be dancin’ and singin’ to.
1. Dada Life – So Young So High – Anybody Remix
The original version is dope but Anybody beefed up the production with a heavy bassline and just enough wobbles to keep your dance floor packed and your face screwed.

2. Smookie Illson & Knuckle Children – Iced Out
Smookie Illson & Knuckle Children just set the bar for original Trap House. Be on the look-out for more massive releases and original production from these guys.

3. Juelz Santana – Soft
Juelz is back and with a vengeance! He teams up with MMG and absolutely murders this beat produced by Young Shun. Don’t sleep on this record.
DJcity Global

DJ Will Manning
DJcity UK Ambassador

DJ Koya
DJcity Japan Certified

1. Jakwob – Fade
Maiday’s haunting vocal fits Jakwobs production perfectly. A great introduction to a future star and stand-out production from Jakwob.

2. A$AP Rocky – Wild For The Night
I couldn’t have guessed this collab – A$AP meets Skrillex. This is a real party rocker. A$AP’s flow sounds wicked over the Skrillex production.

3. Labrinth – Under The Knife
I get excited everytime I hear a track with Etta Bond and this is no exception. Labrinth is, as always, in top form with the production elements and Etta sounds beaut.
1. A$AP Rocky – F#ckin’ Problems
I’m really impressed with the big-name featured artists. This track is definitely on heavy rotation in the club and is a MUST PLAY in hip hop sets.

2. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz & Kanye West – Mercy – RL Grime & Salva Remix
THIS IS IT from popular trap house. Mixing from the original version has become a standard. I’m personally stoked with RL Grime & Salva.

3. Showtek & Justin Prime – Cannonball
Sick EDM track. This track is crucial in a big room – after all, EDM is a big deal in primetime sets lately.

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Kanye West, The College Dropout, 2004