Spotify Helps Out Remixers


What a time to be a remixer.

While not all online music platforms have been particularly remixer-friendly in the past, Spotify has put a foot in the right direction.

In an email sent to artists, the Swedish streaming giant has announced a shift in the way streams of remixes are factored into an artist’s monthly listener count. Previously, streams on most remixes only counted towards the original artist’s total. However, the streams now count towards the remixer’s total as well.

Additionally, remixes will now appear on the remixer’s profile under both the “Latest Release” and “Popular” sections. Previously, remixes were generally only listed at the bottom of an artists profile, under the “Appears On” section.

The changes are significant for several reasons. Firstly, they shine a bigger light on remixers and their craft. Secondly, they mean that remixers can now see the performance of their remixes via Spotify’s Artist Insights dashboard.

DJ remixes have played a starring role in breaking pop singles in recent years, with records such as Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill in Ibiza” and Starley’s “Call On Me” being propelled into Billboard’s Hot 100 by remixes from Seeb and Ryan Riback, respectively. And while Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” didn’t need any help becoming a hit, Skrillex’s remix has been streamed over 25 million times alone.

Spotify’s email:

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Written by Matt Downey and edited by Anthony Polis.

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