Shawn Prez Discusses the Global Spin Awards on The Breakfast Club

Global Spin Awards founder Shawn Prez stopped by The Breakfast Club on Tuesday to discuss all things Global Spin Awards.

The event, which honors DJs of various genres and specialities, goes down in Los Angeles on Feb. 15, 2018.

During the interview, Prez revealed the nominees for the three biggest categories: DJ of the Year, Hip-Hop DJ of the Year, and EDM DJ of the Year. A former Bad Boy Records executive, he also discussed his experience at the label.

The full list of nominees, which was announced the same day, includes DJcity under the Online Record Breakers category.

Watch the interview above and check out the nominees here.

Topics discussed:

1:15 – Why Shawn moved the awards from New York City to Los Angeles
3:20 – How the awards have grown
5:20 – Female DJs that are doing their thing
6:10 – New categories at the awards
11:10 – Why EDM DJs make more money than hip-hop DJs
13:20 – Shawn’s work at Bad Boy Records and how Diddy has changed
25:10 – How some DJs get mad when they don’t win or get nominated
26:50 – Nominee announcements
35:00 – Creating a DJ union

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