Serato Unveils Music Player App for Consumers

There have been some big surprises in the DJ tech world this year, like Pioneer’s entry into the DVS market and the return of the Technics turntable line. None of these announcements were as surprising as the news that Serato quietly announced today, though.
In an interview with New Zealand magazine Idealog, Serato CEO and founder AJ Bertenshaw revealed that his company has released their first mass-consumer product, Serato Pyro.
According to Bertenshaw, Serato Pyro is a music player for iOS that beat-matches and mixes playlists. The app makes use of two existing Serato products: Pitch ‘n Time and Scratch Live.
“The purpose of the app is to have your music play back-to-back, seamlessly and never skipping a beat,” Bertenshaw told Idealog. “The first concept of this design was to have it playing the music for you at parties. In fact we’ve been referring to it as Houseparty, because it’s an app for continuous listening, but there are a lot of applications.”
Bertenshaw explained in detail how the idea for the app came about:
“Whenever my wife and I have friends over for a party, she always asks me to do a playlist, so the music won’t stop. That’s one of my jobs. But as soon as people start turning up, you think ‘oh, I want to play that song, I want to play that song.’ But if you want to hear a song that isn’t on the playlist, you have to back out of that playlist, play the song, then the music stops. Then you go back into the playlist and the player has forgotten what you’ve played.”
As of right now, the app is free — though it’s only available to residents of New Zealand.
Read the full interview here and sign up for email notifications at the Serato Pyro website.
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