Scott Storch Aims for Comeback after Hitting Rock Bottom

Scott Storch
Hip-hop producer Scott Storch has had a career full of ups and downs.
In the early 90s, the Philadelphia native joined The Roots as a keyboard player, and by 1999, achieved his first mainstream hit when he helped produce Dr. Dre’s classic, “Still D.R.E.” In years following, Storch went on to produce numerous hits, including Beyonce’s “Naughty Girl,” Terror Squad’s “Lean Back,” 50 Cent’s “Candy Shop,” and The Roots’ “You Got Me.”
By 2006, Storch had amassed a fortune of more than $70 million but also picked up a cocaine habit while staying in Hollywood. He spent the next couple years partying, hemorrhaging tons of money and eventually landing in legal trouble.
Things have been looking up for Storch in recent years though. Now back in Miami, the 40-year-old says he’s learned from his previous mistakes and is dedicated to making a comeback (he produced “Supreme” on Rick Ross’ Mastermind album).
During a visit to his beachside condo, Billboard sat down with the producer to discuss his career and plans for the future.

Also, check out this older video of Storch going through some hip-hop classics on the piano:

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