Red Bull Music 3Style IX World Finals: Battle Schedule Revealed

The Red Bull Music 3Style IX World Finals have begun in Taipei, Taiwan! To kick things off, the contestants on Monday took part in a drawing to find out who they’ll compete against and when. The judges were also revealed.

Watch the recap above and view the schedule below.

Round 1

Contestants: Mr. Tone, Ronfa, Hamma, FISA, Nutty, Ride
Judges: Puffy, Nina Las Vegas, Grandtheft, Shintaro
Date and time: January 23 at 22:00 GMT+8 / 6 a.m. PT
Venue: AI

Round 2

Contestants: REDEF, Lautaro Palenque, Worm, Beats, Mighty Atom, Trapment
Judges: Hedspin, Nu-Mark, Craze, BYTE
Date and time: January 24 at 22:00 GMT+8 / 6 a.m. PT
Venue: Klash

Round 3

Contestants: Praktyczna Pani, Georgia, ONDRASH, O-One, Turne, FUMMY
Judges: Aleqs Notal, Skratch Bastid, Four Color Zack, Damianito
Date and time: January 25 at 22:00 GMT+8 / 6 a.m. PT
Venue: Franny

Round 4

Contestants: Ameeth Shah, Morenno, J. Espinosa, Mark Thompson, Doc Trashz, Afro
Judges: DinPei, 2¢, ESKEI83, RayRay
Date and time: January 26 at 21:00 GMT+8 / 5 a.m. PT
Venue: OMNI

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