Pharrell Talks Politics and Music Business on ‘The Breakfast Club’

Pharrell on The Breakfast Club

Pharrell stopped by The Breakfast Club show on Monday to talk about his new film, Hidden Figures. The Grammy-winning producer also spoke about politics and the music industry.

On the current political climate:

“I personally think that women and millennials will essentially be the larger number that ends up saving us in four years … Women have compassion. They think about the world. They birthed the world. The whole entire world came through the conduit of the woman’s body. Women consider that.”

On Trump winning the election:

“This pressure that’s gonna come about is going to make the best art, the best music, the best design, the best fashion. It’s going to be amazing. That’s one of the good things that’ll [come from the election].”

On the challenges of working in the music business:

“It’s not like in football where they actually sit down and have you take a course and [teach you] what to avoid and people to stay away from. They don’t do that in the music industry. This is the most abused industry ever … There’s some really nice and brilliant people that are in the music industry right now, but we need more of those people to be empowered so that they can continue to empower the artists.”

Watch the full conversation below.

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