MAG-LEV Audio Introduces the First Levitating Turntable


Slovenia-based company MAG-LEV Audio has created the very first levitating turntable.

According to the company, the device will provide a “better, newer way” to experience vinyl records by combining high-quality sound and innovative design.

The first model has a basic yet elegant design, equipped with orange lighting and a pre-fitted tonearm and cartridge.

The turntable’s semi-automatic system lifts the tonearm off the record after playback, which minimizes damage to the record and prolongs the life of the cartridge.


When the turntable is turned off, a set of retractable “feet” rise to hold the platter in place. The feet automatically retract when the turntable is turned on.

The turntable doesn’t have a USB port, though, which makes it unusable for digital DJs. It’s unclear if MAG-LEV Audio has plans to develop a model with digital capabilities.

The turntable will be available in August 2017 in black, white, and imitation wood for $1,390, $1,490, and $1,490, respectively. However, the company is offering a discount to anyone who donates to its Kickstarter campaign, which is funding the project.

Learn more about the turntable on Kickstarter and watch a promo video below.

This article was written by Anthony Polis and Hugo Pacheco.

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