Mad Skillz: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag


Veteran rapper and songwriter Mad Skillz has had a versatile career. His debut album, released in 1995, contained underground classics like “The Nod Factor” and “Move Ya Body.”

In 2000, Skillz dropped an album for the legendary indie hip-hop label, Rawkus Records. The project featured the likes of Missy Elliot and CeeLo. By that time, Skillz had also been working as a ghostwriter, penning tracks for stars like Diddy and Will Smith.

Most recently, Skillz has toured the world as DJ Jazzy Jeff‘s MC and also as a solo DJ. Check out his must-have travel items below, and download his latest single “In a Minute” on DJcity.

Portable Phone Charger

“This is a must-have whenever I travel. It’s a no-brainer.”

Backup Hard Drive

“I have a drive that I back up with Carbon Copy Cloner so if I ever have a computer problem I can plug the drive into any computer and still play a set. And not only will I have all my music on the computer I’m playing with, but it will also look exactly like mine.”

Journal Book

“I’m old school in this manner: sometimes I actually like to write things down that come to me. I could put them in my notes on my phone, but there’s just something about seeing them in my actual handwriting. It’s everything from mix ideas, transitions, bookings, and things I have planned.”

GoPro HERO3+

“I like to capture moments and not be intrusive at the same time. The GoPro HERO3+ has never let me down for pictures and video.”

Serato 10″ Control Vinyl

“They just work for me. They’re lighter, and they fit in my bag better than the 12 inches. They also stand up to normal wear and tear. I love them.”

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