Latin Prince: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

Latin Prince
Latin Prince performs at CÉ LA VI in Singapore on Feb. 12, 2016.
When he’s not holding down DJcity on the East Coast, Latin Prince can be found rocking clubs around the world. The veteran DJ has spent countless hours traveling from gig to gig and knows a thing or two about traveling smart. Below is a list of must-items in his DJ bag.

Morphie battery case Mophie battery case
I use a Mophie battery case to keep my phone charged while I’m on the move.
Seagate External hard drive
I carry an external hard drive with a backup of my iTunes library in case my computer crashes or gets stolen.
SIM card Local SIM card
To avoid international roaming charges, I buy a local SIM card for the country that I’m traveling in. You can find them at your destination airport (you’ll need an unlocked phone, though).
Nature Made multivitamins Nature Made multivitamins
Traveling from climate to climate can affect your body, so take I daily multivitamins to stay healthy and strong.
Lonely Planet Lonely Planet travel insurance
Lonely Planet‘s insurance covers me in case I get injured, or my gear gets damaged or stolen.

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