J. Espinosa’s Winning 2015 Thre3style U.S. Routine

J. Espinosa
J. Espinosa performs at Club Red during the Red Bull Thre3style U.S. Finals in Phoenix, Arizona on April, 3 2015. (Aaron Rogosin/Red Bull)
Red Bull has finally uploaded J. Espinosa’s winning set from the 2015 Thre3style U.S. Finals, which went down last weekend in Phoenix, Arizona. Although Thre3style routines are almost always high-energy, Espinosa’s was more intense than most of the ones we’ve heard this year. His selection included a good balance of both forward-thinking and classic material, with a focus on hip-hop and bass music. Unfortunately, the quality of the recording is very poor, but it’s still worth a listen, as Espinosa’s skills are as impressive as ever. We look forward to hearing what he does at the world finals in Tokyo.

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