Is Sync the End of DJing? DJ Jazzy Jeff Answers at Red Bull 3Style VIII

During a judges panel at the Red Bull 3Style VIII in Poland, DJcity’s Styles Davis asked DJ Jazzy Jeff if “sync was the end of DJing.”

The legend didn’t hold back.

“Technology doesn’t have sh#t to do with DJing,” Jeff said without hesitation. “Don’t f#cking use it if you don’t want to use it. But if you want to use it, use it.”

“I think people stopped realizing that the reason why you DJ is for them people out there to have a good time. They don’t give a f#ck about a sync button. … They don’t worry about what kind of equipment you use.”

Jeff concluded: “I’m tired of people complaining about the wrong sh#t. Play good music and stop worrying about a f#cking sync button.”

The entire discussion can be streamed on 3Style’s Facebook page.

Watch his full response above and stayed tune for more exclusive 3Style coverage.

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