Introducing the Grind Strip by DJ Woody

Grind Strip

DJ Woody has launched the Grind Strip, a device that gets mounted onto the edge of a turntable platter to perform “grinding” scratch techniques.

The idea first started in 2004 as part of Woody’s concept plans for Vestax’s Controller One turntable, which he helped develop. Vestax didn’t end up using it, so Woody has now brought it to life.

Woody tells us how it works:

“If you swipe over the Grind Strip with part of your hand as you move the record, the movement will be broken up as so will the sound, like a fader click. For example, swiping over one button will break the sound into two parts (like a tear), swipe over two buttons and you get three sounds, three buttons give you four sounds and so on.

The more pressure you apply with the swipe, the more defined the sound. This all allows for some very intricate and controlled faderless scratches. And the beauty is that it’s all using just one hand, so you still have your fader hand free for extra fader clicks, cue points, mixer effects or whatever you like. There’s tons to be explored (if you’re as geeky as me!).”

The Grind Strip is available for preorder now on Woody’s Woodwurk Records website. It comes in two sizes, one for a 7″ and one for a 12″ platter, and retails at roughly $22 and $25 USD respectively, plus shipping.

Watch a demonstration below and stay tuned for a review by Mojaxx on Tips and Tricks.

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