Rane Sold to InMusic


Rane has been sold to inMusic, the parent company of Numark, Denon, Akai, and M-Audio.

According to a press release posted by DJWORX, the deal will be completed this summer. Rane co-founders Linda Arink and Dennis Bohn also plan on stepping down and retiring.

“Rane will continue some operations out of the Mukilteo, Washington headquarters,” Arink said in the press release.

However, sources that spoke to DJWORX said the majority of the company’s 60-plus workforce will be “permanently displaced” at the end of July, and only some of the engineers will remain in Washington. The sources said Rane’s manufacturing will be moved to East Asia, and its DJ division will be absorbed into the Numark and Denon DJ team at inMusic.

Rane has been a leading manufacturer of DJ mixers since its founding in 1981.

In 2004, it partnered with Serato to produce Scratch Live, one of the first systems to enable DJs to mix digital music files with vinyl. Two years later, the company introduced the TTM57SL, the first mixer to incorporate built-in functions for Scratch Live.

Rane has since produced mixers such as the Sixty-Two and Sixty-Four, both of which are favorites among open-format DJs and turntablists.

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  • Dave Folven

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a really, really bad thing?

    • James P

      Same here… I think quality might go down the tube… 🙁

    • styles

      nope, this is trash.

  • Mark

    I hope I get to still be a die-hard #Rane owner/fan down the line.

  • dvs26

    virtual dj 8 is gonna take over. lol

    • Rizzo614

      Are you kidding me??? Why would you even say something so stupid. Serato is the club standard for software and Rane only partnered with Serato. Rane doesn’t make Serato. You must be a rookie to make a comment like this. VDJ is Junk software!!! Used by rookies like yourself. And to further comment…. Pioneer is well on its way to being the club standard. We actually have replaced the 62 with and DJM S9… The S9 is a beast!!!

      • Kc

        He was obviously joking lol but you must be a rookie. Pioneer is already the club standard and festival standard and has been for years. I guess you have never seen a pair of CDJ’s. Djm 700,800, & 900 mixers are installed practically at every venue. S9 is a beast but it hasn’t made it way to the clubs yet unless you are bringing it yourself.

      • On its way? Pioneer IS the club standard. And the original commenter was probably joking. Relax, dude.

      • Ernest E-Boogie Prelude

        Yessirr, I heard the S9 is insane, haven’t gotten the chance to play on one yet, but I’m looking forward to it

  • Ernest E-Boogie Prelude

    I heard about this, I’m a die hard Rane fan & owner, i have the 62, not sure if this is gonna be a good thing, I guess time will tell.