Forbes Names the Most Powerful Celebrities in the World

Calvin Harris
Forbes has released a list of the top 100 most powerful celebrities in the world and it’s packed with musicians.
Coming in at first place is Beyonce, thanks to the success of her massive tour and latest album, followed by LeBon James and Dr. Dre at second and third place, respectively.
The list, which contains musicians, actors, models, directors/producers, athletes, authors, and personalities, is determined by the following factors: earnings estimates, references in traditional media, and social media reach.
Other musicians that made the list include JAY Z (6), Rihanna (8), Katy Perry (9), Kanye West (20), Calvin Harris (21), Justin Timberlake (26), Diddy (31), Jennifer Lopez (33), Justin Bieber (33), Pharrell Williams (38), and Avicii (47).
View Forbes’ full list here
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