EDC Founder Pasquale Rotella Faces Nearly 14 Years in Prison

Insomniac Events and Electric Daisy Carnival founder Pasquale Rotella is facing nearly 14 years in prison for charges of bribery and conspiracy.

Appearing at a pretrial conference in Los Angeles today, the L.A. County District Attorney alleges Rotella used more than $2.5 million to pay off and bribe city officials. He was released today on $1.8 million dollar bail and has been indicted along with five other individuals.

Rotella is a leading figure in dance music and was recently ranked the #1 most powerful person in EDM by inthemix.

According to ABCnews, “The indictment states that Rotella and his associate paid former Coliseum events manager Todd DeStefano $1.8 million to limit payments due to the Coliseum and to ensure use of the venue for their events.”

The Coliseum and Insomniac Events faced scrutiny after the overdose of a 15-year-old girl at Electric Daisy Carnival 2010.