Drake Talks Meek Mill, Kanye, and Dr. Dre in Interview With DJ Semtex

DJ Semtex and Drake
DJ Semtex and Drake (photo source: Instagram)

Drake recently sat down for a rare and extensive interview with DJ Semtex on Apple Music’s OVO Radio show.

The conversation covered a wide range of topics, including working with Dr. Dre on Detox, his experience as a biracial artist, and allegations against him of ghostwriting and style jacking.

Semtex is a veteran DJ and radio host from England. He was one of Drake’s early supporters in the UK, so the interview was a special occasion.

Listen to the hour-long convo below.

Here’s a breakdown of the topics:

– Lil Wayne’s early support of him (2:30)
– How he went from being on Degrassi to working with Dr. Dre (4:50)
Views (9:20)
– “One Dance” (12:30)
– Why Jay Z and Kanye’s verses on “Pop Style” are short (16:15)
– Kanye’s negative comments about him and DJ Khaled (18:10)
– The meaning behind his line “Say I’m actin’ light skin” on “Childs Play” (20:00)
– His experience as a biracial artist (21:10)
– Not being recognized as a pop artist (23:34)
– Missing the Grammy Awards (26:27)
– Quentin Miller and Meek Mill’s allegations that Drake doesn’t write his own lyrics (28:48)
– Beef with Meek Mill (34:48)
– Working with Skepta and other UK artists (44:05)
– Being accused of stealing other people’s styles (52:20)
– Being “on top of the game” (54:20)
– Why his upcoming “More Life” project (55:40)
– Working with Giggs, a UK rapper who’s featured on “More Life” (57:00)
– The impact of OVO Radio (1:00:10)

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