DJs Who Played During Pulse Nightclub Attack Tell Their Stories

Two DJs who performed during the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting recently spoke with VICE about the attack, which happened a year ago on Monday.

Simon “DJSimon2001” Roman and Kraig “DJ Sir Flawless” Matthews, along with two other survivors, provided detailed accounts of the attack and how it still affects them.

“I played the last song before they died,” Roman recounted. “As soon as I heard the gunshots, I lowered the volume and then I fell to the ground.”

Matthews, who was in the crowd during the shooting, discussed how his mentality as a DJ has changed since the ordeal.

“When I do stuff in big crowds or in clubs and stuff like that, of course, what comes to mind is exits and safety. That’s not something I used to think about before,” Matthews said. “I still go and have a good time even though that happened at a club, at a sanctuary. You’re gonna die sometime in your life, but you still can’t live [walking] on eggshells.”

Watch the powerful interview above.

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