DJs Should Be More Self-Reliant

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In the age of the internet, it’s possible to find the answers to many of our questions. That includes questions about DJing, for which there are many online resources.

However, DJcityTV’s DJ TLM has noticed that many DJs rely on asking people questions when they could’ve found the answer on their own. Connecting with other DJs is a good thing, but relying on them to get answers limits your career. Whether it be deciding which equipment to buy or learning how to design a logo, TLM encourages DJs to be more self-reliant.

Watch this episode of Share the Knowledge above.

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  • locodog

    Not the whole story, may are just afraid of trying stuff, I’m the other way, if it ain’t broke fix it until it is.. and if you can ask a question and say i tried this this and this, people are more willing to help. Plus the memory of being stuck and battling a problem, once you have a solution you remember it.