DJcity Trends Charts for April 2017

DJcity Trends

The April 2017 edition of DJcity Trends is now available here.

DJcity Trends is a monthly collection of charts intended to help DJs discover new and emerging club music.

This month’s edition features picks from the following DJs:

Chris Styles (mixer at SiriusXM’s The Heat and D.C.’s WPGC 95.5 and 94.7 Fresh FM)
First Choice (mixer at New York’s Power 105.1)
Klutch (member of Electric Bodega)
Latin Prince (East Coast regional director at DJcity)
Mind Motion
Play (director of DJcity UK)
R-Tistic (2014 McDonald’s Flavor Battle Champion)
Santarosa (Latin director at DJcity; mixer at SiriusXM’s Globalization)
Scene (Fool’s Gold recording artist)

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