DJcity Top 50 – October 2015

Below is a list of the most-downloaded tracks on DJcity during October 2015. To receive these updates via email, click here.

  • wayne polkey

    click here to download these files in a zip folder? That would be nice

    • Dj Rex

      second that!

      • Andrew Weigand

        Third that!

    • Dj Kenny Sb


  • i think someone says that every month, and they still don’t do it not sure why?

    • zech

      u cant rate then one by one if they allowed it.

  • DJ Prag

    I agree they should have single click instead of going one by one.. please provide zip file and let us figure out what we want or not.

  • zech

    i think if u rate more then 50% u should be able to DL the rest to play thru at are leisure

  • Vander Funk

    do you think a DJ would have ever walked into a record store and bought the top 50 vinyls of the month? why don’t you young bloods learn to dig through music to find your gems, and sculpt your sound. that way every damn DJ won’t be playing the same tracks, and ya’ll might learn something from all that music you don’t think you’re going to like

    • Johnny Walker


    • Luca Goya