DJ Eddie Boy: Must-Have Items in My DJ Bag

DJ Eddie Boy
Most DJs have a couple must-have items that they bring to their gigs. From cables and gadgets to snacks and clothes, everyone has their own needs.
We asked DJ Eddie Boy, the music director and resident at Los Angeles’ Elevate Lounge, to tell us which items he always has in his bag. Eddie also rocks clubs in Hollywood and Las Vegas along with festivals like Coachella. 

Rips (candy) Rips (candy)
Rips are essential to satisfy my sweet tooth before and after gigs.
Travel-size Advil Travel-size Advil
Advil helps me wake up without a headache after a night of too much fun! I recommend taking two with a bottle of water before you go to bed. Thank me later!
Hand Towels Hand Towel
I tend to get sweaty in a packed club with alcohol and bright lights. I hate using napkins to wipe off with, but a hand towel works perfectly!
Rosary Rosary (prayer beads)
I’m not super religious, but I always keep a rosary in my bag for protection. I feel like I need this especially when I do out-of-town gigs.
Vinyl records Vinyl Records
Vinyl records are essential to help transition from one DJ to another. The two records in my bag at the moment are Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You” and Modjo’s “Lady (Hear Me Tonight).”

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