Diplo & Instagram’s Kevin Systrom Interview Each Other [Video]

Diplo and Kevin Systrom (founder of Instagram) recently interviewed each other at IMS Engage in Hollywood. The event was presented by the International Music Summit from Ibiza and drew global attendees from electronic music and associated industries.

DJcity attended the event and found this conversation particularly interesting and entertaining. It was cool to see two very successful leaders from different industries compare their careers and discuss mutual interests and concerns. It seems like unexpected pairings such as these are often the most insightful and inspiring.

However, the interview took an unexpected turn when Diplo revealed his feelings about buying social media fans and used DJ Bl3nd as an example. Immediately after the discussion, a brawl erupted between Diplo’s and Bl3nd’s managers who were in the audience. The chaotic scene reminded us of how passionate artists and their teams can be about marketing strategies – some of which have become the subject of heated debate in recent years.

Standout quotes:

“A lot of kids don’t feel the instinct to stand out” – Diplo

“Social media and electronic music is a great equalizer because you don’t need a lot of money and a lot marketing to promote to your records. They really do find their way naturally to a fan base. If a song has a buzz it’s generally deserved – not like a label that pumps money into a song.” – Diplo

“When it comes to social media, you don’t want to be the odd guy out” – Diplo

“Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, you name it, it’s all about accessibility and getting closer to the artist” – Kevin Instagram

“Simplicity is something that Instagram has always held as a core value” – Kevin Instagram

“Innovation doesn’t happen out of nowhere – it usually happens in reaction to previous constraints” – Kevin Instagram