Beatsource Tech: Use Your Serato Library On CDJs – DJ Conversion Utility Review

A question often asked by some Serato DJ Pro users is how they can get their crates, cues and loops into Rekordbox. Not because they want to switch, but so they can do a gig or two playing just off USB drives on CDJs. On the new episode of Beatsource Tech, we look at Mojaxx‘s favorite tool for doing that job (and a lot more besides): DJ Conversion Utility.

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Afrobeats and Dance added as Main Genres on DJcity

Afrobeats and Dance added as Main Genres on DJcity

Afrobeats and Dance added as Main Genres on DJcity

At DJcity, we are always working to make sure that the way our record pool functions reflects the needs of our users. Therefore in our latest update, we switched up the main music categories on our website.

Firstly, instead of having house as a main music category, we now have dance, which incorporates genres like house, trap, dubstep, and drum & bass. If you spin electronic music that is the category for you.

In a reflection of what our DJ community is seeking in 2022, we have removed reggae as a main music category and put afrobeats in its place. If you are a fan of reggae, dancehall, or house, don’t worry, we still have just as much music in those genres as we always had. They can be accessed via the genres tab or by clicking on a music tag anywhere on the site.

If you are an existing user, we hope you find these changes useful, and if you aren’t, head over to now to see how you could join.

Watch Mojaxx’s detailed walkthrough below to learn more.

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Over To You: How Should DJs End A Night?

There are two main schools of thought amongst DJs when it comes to the best way to close out a set at the end of a night. Some prefer to bring things down, playing a chilled, singalong track or two, where others will bang it out until the last second.

On the new episode of Beatsource Basics, we turn it over to you, asking you to sound off about your preferred way of doing things in the comments, so that the feedback from the community will provide valuable insights for new, up-and-coming DJs.

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James Hype Talks Beyond the Music Retreat, Three Shows on One Hour of Sleep

After a long flight delay, U.K. DJ/producer James Hype shared on his latest vlog episode how he still managed to make it to the Beyond The Music Retreat panel in Phoenix, Arizona on June 15th. James was set to speak on music production on the “Samples and Hi-Hats” panel alongside MAKJ, DJ Nick Bike, and Kidd Spin. The conference, which features discussion panels and networking events with some of the DJ world’s brightest minds, is a collaboration between DJcity, Beatsource and DJ Vice.

Watch James Hype’s vlog episode above.

Beatsource Tech: Ecler Are Back! WARM2 Rotary Mixer Review

It’s been over a decade since Spanish manufacturer Ecler released their last DJ mixer. But now they’re back, with the 2-channel analogue WARM2 rotary mixer. Priced more keenly than many rotaries, the Warm 2 offers some seriously good value on paper. On the new episode of Beatsource Tech, Mojaxx finds out if the venerable brand can cut it in today’s market.

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Algoriddim djay: Now With DVS… On Phones!

Algoriddim‘s djay software has long been a home of innovative features, both on iOS and MacOS. With the new version 4.0, the company is bringing a whole lot more to the table, including DVS, on both desktop and mobile, and a unique way of controlling their patented Neural Mix feature using control vinyl directly. Mojaxx takes a look on the new episode of Beatsource Tech.