Tomorrowland Streaming Now [Live Video]

The highly-anticipated and massive Tomorrowland festival has begun! Thankfully, they’re streaming all three days of the festival for those who can’t party in Belgium.

Today’s live stream airs from 12pm PST to 5pm PST and features live performances from Tiësto, Afrojack, Carl Cox, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Fedde Legrand, Hardwell, Loco Dice, Quintino, Red Foo and Steve Aoki. Shout out to DJcity’s Dainjazone who’s there with Red Foo!

Watch the live stream below:

HARD Summer Festival Announces 2013 Set Times

The lineup for this year’s HARD Summer festival is crazy and we can’t wait to attend. Acts include Zedd, Dillon Francis, 2 Chainz, TNGHT, Just Blaze, Baauer, RL Grime, Disclosure, Knife Party, Tommy Trash, Duck Sauce, Dog Blood and many more. Below are the set times for Saturday and Sunday:

DJ D-Miles Interview (WordLyfe Spotlight)

DJcity’s “WordLyfe Spotlight” is an interview series which shares the stories of both rising and established radio DJs.

In addition to holding residencies at Tao, Marquee and Drais in Las Vegas, DJ D-Miles is a member of Floyd Mayweather’s “Money Team” and can be heard mixing on 104.3 NOW FM during the weekends. In our latest interview, MikiWAR chops it up with the Los Angeles native about his versatile career, advice for DJs, future direction and more.

What albums are in rotation on your iPod?
Wale’s Ambition, J. Cole’s Born Sinner, and Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall are all in constant rotation right now.

You’ve been DJing in Las Vegas nightclubs during the rise of the dance music era and now hip-hop seems to be making a comeback. What trends have you seen?
I’ve noticed that my hip-hop sets are getting longer. I can play at the 93-100 BPM range a lot longer than I would’ve been able to in the previous couple of years. There was a time when I couldn’t play extended hip-hop sets, it was all about EDM. But with the rise of the trap sound, the twerk sound, and other sub-genres it’s made things a lot easier.

Many people consider you one of the biggest tastemaker DJs in the country. How do you determine what songs get put into rotation at the club?
I honestly try to play accordingly to the crowd. I never go into an environment set on what I want to play that night. As DJs I feel that one of our most important assets is to be able to read the crowd and I pride myself on doing just that. I mean, of course we have to play the bangers, that’s to be expected. But there’s nothing like the feeling of catching a crowd off guard with a track that they had no idea was coming their way.

You’re probably one of the best opening DJs I’ve ever seen live. What’s your advice to other openers?
Never be afraid to play new music. As an opener it’s your responsibility to do a few things: 1) Never burn your headliner. To me, it’s rude and disrespectful. You can easily rock the crowd without playing all the hottest tracks. 2) Don’t be afraid to introduce the crowd to something new. This is your opportunity to see what works, what doesn’t work, and what tracks will eventually be added to my headlining sets based on how the crowd reacts. If the track is a hit the crowd will remember where they heard it first. 3) Always hit the crowd with some hot tracks from years prior. Trust me they haven’t forgotten about what songs were big in 2004.

You open for some of the best DJs around the country every week. Who have you learned from the most?
DJ Five and DJ Crooked are definitely the two that I consistently learn from the most. They never play the same sets; it’s always fresh and they keep the crowd guessing.

You’re the Money Team’s DJ, have you ever spoken to Mayweather? Have you guys talked music?
I’ve spoken to Mayweather a handful of times. Although he may come across as this cocky arrogant dude in the media, he’s actually super cool. We really haven’t discussed music other than what he likes to hear leading up to his fights. From what I’ve gathered he’s a huge east coast hip-hop fan.

You’re a versatile DJ: from playing in-store gigs, world famous boxing matches, radio shows, and nightclubs. How does your formatting change from one gig to the next?
Every gig I do provides its own level of energy and I try to feed off of that as much as possible. Radio is a much more controlled situation, but knowing that an entire city is tuned in really gets me going. And of course the vibe of these mega nightclubs is unlike any other. If you can’t get up for that than DJing might not be for you.

What’s next for D-Miles? Producing? More Radio?
Definitely going to continue with the nightclub scene, more radio for sure is in the works, and breaking into production as well so be on the lookout for some D-Miles bootlegs, only on DJcity.com of course.

Any final shout outs?
Definitely wanna shout out Eric Dlux and DJ Cyberkid, both of these gentlemen years ago gave me the blueprint on how to open big room clubs in Vegas. DJ Five and Le’ Crooked for inspiring me to be better when they really don’t have to. My family, who have always supported my decisions and my journey. And my real friends that are able to criticize me when I’m not on point, we all need that at times. #TheTeam, extremely talented group of DJs and artists that I’m happy to be apart of. And DJ City for looking out since day one…

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André 3000 & Mike Will Made It in the studio [Video]

Last night Mike Will Made It posted a photo on Instagram featuring him and fellow Atlanta-native André 3000 in the studio.

Mike Will’s most notable productions include 2 Chainz’s “No Lie,” Ace Hood’s “Bugatti,” Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance,” and more recently Ciara’s “Body Party” and Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop.”

With OutKast considered of the most revered hip-hop acts of all-time and Mike Will being one of the hottest producers right now, it’ll be interesting to hear what comes from a collab. Below is a video that was also posted from the session:

Teen given weeks to live fulfills Vegas DJ dream

A 16-year-old from Denver has achieved his life-long dream of DJing a Vegas club after doctors gave him only weeks to live.

Tanner Seebaum aka DJ Seebaum, has struggled with a brain tumor for most of his life. After years in remission, doctors told him last year that the cancer had returned and would slowly take over his brain. Two weeks ago, Tanner received news that he had weeks to live so his parents did everything they could to make his dream come true.

“DJ Seebaum has played a few shows in Denver – including Digital Circus, but it has been his dream to play in Las Vegas – the DJ mecca of the United States. About one month ago, his family reached out to DJ Mash Up King (Landon Dyksterhouse), who plays at Hard Rock’s Body English. Dyksterhouse spoke to Mike Goodwin, vice president of daylife and nightlife at the Hard Rock.”

Weeks later, his dream came true and Seebaum DJed at Rehab Pool during the weekend of Electric Daisy Carnival. Despite having one of the worst days he’s had, Seebaum rocked the party the next day without any issues.

DJ Mash Up King said this about his set, “He can definitely hold it down. I’ve never heard a 16-year-old play as good as he can play.”

[Source: Reno Gazette-Journal]

Back Dat Lap Up: Data Backup Services For DJs

It can happen to anyone: one minute you’re at Starbucks organizing Bieber mashups and the next you’re anxiously sopping up a caramel macchiato from the keyboard, praying to the electronic gods to spare your precious MacBook Pro. But no luck; the screen is flickering, the mouse is unresponsive and the worst part: you didn’t backup your library. This might seem like a pitfall that most veteran DJs would avoid, but many of us don’t backup our library on a regular basis, if at all.

During his recent guest set on the MikiDz Show, Fourcolorzack described an incident in which he was hanging out before a gig and couldn’t find his DJ bag. “I thought somebody stole my backpack and they didn’t, so that was the highlight of my night…finding out that I still have a career.” We asked him, “But you have it all backed up somewhere else?” Zack replied, “I didn’t. But I will when I get home, I tell you that!”

Richie Hawtin’s hard drive disaster at Coachella

Other DJs aren’t so lucky. In another instance of technological turmoil, acclaimed house DJ Ritchie Hawtin was scheduled to perform at Coachella but his laptop failed just hours before showtime. He told his Instagram followers, “Unfortunately the technology that is the foundation of my career is not playing friendly today! So due to corrupt hard drive #1 and broken pins on hard drive #2, I’m not able to perform tonight at Coachella. Apologies and see you all next week!”

So why don’t more DJs protect their libraries with all the advancements in digital file management, cloud archiving and security backup?

There’s no good answer! Some are too lazy, others cocky. Regardless of the reason, you should start backing up your library before it’s too late. Here’s some resources to help you get started:

Time Machine / External Backups

Apple’s Time Machine is included with Mac OS X

For Mac users, Apple has made the process very easy and I’m regularly surprised when I meet DJs who don’t use Time Machine. The free utility is included with Mac OS X and creates incremental backups that can be restored through an external hard drive. Time Machine enables the user to restore the whole system or specific files via snapshots that are periodically taken and organized by date.

With Time Machine’s settings, users can have their files automatically backed up on schedule or whenever the designated external drive is connected which is convenient for those who are very busy.

Here’s the caveat though – Time Machine requires an external hard drive so you’re sh*t outta luck if the drive goes bad or missing. We recommend spending a few extra dollars on a hard drive with a solid reputation. Here’s some recommendations.

So what happens if the drive does go bad or missing? To prepare for this, we recommend additionally backing up to the cloud.

The Cloud / Online Backup

CrashPlan’s backup software used by DJcity

“The Cloud” refers to any kind of online backup or storage service. Cloud backup is similar to traditional backup services except your data is transferred and stored via the Internet on secure and professional severs. This is the most comprehensive method to backup your library and ensure that even if your computer and external HD are lost or damaged, you still have a backup that’s easily accessible.

There are many companies that offer cloud backup services. At DJcity, we use a service called CrashPlan+. We like CrashPlan+ because it has a simple user interface and features solid backup options including a web-based restore option, continuous backup and multiple destination support (your data can be backed up to the CrashPlan Central cloud, an external drive, securely to a friend’s computer, or all three for maximum protection). They also offer multiple payment and storage options and have valuable discount pricing for prepaid terms.

For a more comprehensive list of online backup services, read this article.

Whether external hard drives, cloud or both, make sure you choose a backup solution! As a DJ, there’s nothing worse than losing all of your favorite tracks and playlists.

Suggestions? Comments? Leave your feedback below and let us know what services/tools you prefer.