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Denon DJ Announces World’s First Music Streaming Capability in DJ Hardware

Denon DJ

Denon DJ
Source: Denon DJ

Denon DJ has announced that its Prime series hardware will soon be internet-capable and integrated with a variety of music streaming services. That means that, for the first time ever, DJs will be able to stream music directly from DJ hardware without a laptop.

The following streaming platforms will be integrated: SoundCloud Go+, TIDAL, the newly launched Beatport LINK service, as well as Beatport and DJcity’s forthcoming service Beatsource LINK.

Denon DJ’s Creative Director, Paul Dakeyne, said in the press release:

“With both Wi-Fi and physical internet connection now engaged across the Prime Series hardware, plus access to the huge amount of digital music content from the industry’s premier streaming services, DJs no longer need a laptop computer. This changes everything – right here, right now!”

The Beatport LINK integration will also introduce the first-ever service that enables DJs to store tracks directly on DJ hardware and play them offline. Offline storage will be made available as part of two forthcoming plans: Beatport LINK PRO, which will allow DJs to save up to 50 tracks, and Beatport LINK PRO+, which will allow DJs to save up to 100 tracks.

Beatsource is a forthcoming music service from Beatport and DJcity for open-format DJs. It will include an a la carte download service and the Beatsource LINK streaming service, the latter of which will be integrated into Denon DJ’s Prime series hardware.

Denon DJ’s streaming integrations will be rolled out via firmware updates starting in summer.

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Should You Upgrade Your Gear?

It’s tempting to get the latest DJ gear as soon as it’s released. But do you really need it, or does the equipment you have still get the job done?

On this episode of DJcityTV’s Share the Knowledge, DJ TLM talks about what to consider when you’re thinking about upgrading your gear.

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First Look: Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-200 Controller

On this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx takes a first look at Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-200 controller.

Designed to be beginner-friendly, the DDJ-200 is billed as a “smart DJ controller.” It is a wireless controller which connects to various smartphone DJing apps via Bluetooth. Also, the device works with streaming services such as Beatport LINK, SoundCloud Go+, Spotify, and more.

Watch Mojaxx’s first look above.

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Denon DJ Releases Updates for Prime Series

Prime Series

Prime Series

Denon DJ has released a number of updates for its Prime Series hardware and accompanying Engine Prime music management software.

The version 1.3.1 update unifies the feature set across the SC5000 Prime and SC5000M Prime players, as well as the Prime 4 all-in-one controller.

Highlights include:

– Direct import of rekordbox playlists, hot cues, and memory loops to Engine Prime
– Speed improvements for Serato, iTunes, and Traktor imports
– On-player editing of crates and playlists
– Musical key change and key sync feature
– Increased pitch slider resolution
– Updated StagelinQ support for full integration with SoundSwitch 1.9 for lighting control

Denon also released the version 1.2 firmware for the X1800 Prime mixer. It includes improvements for adjustable brightness and screensaver mode, new microphone utility settings, and tap-tempo flexibility.

The updates are available now from Denon’s download page.

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Beatport Announces Beatport LINK Subscription Service for DJs

Beatport LINK

Beatport LINK
Beatport LINK in Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ app (Source: Beatport)

Beatport has announced a new subscription service for DJs, Beatport LINK. The software makes Beatport’s extensive music catalog available to stream directly into DJ performance software.

Beatport LINK also includes Beatport CLOUD. Beatport CLOUD introduces a suite of features such as full track previews via the company’s proprietary Needle Drop Player, unlimited re-downloads of previously purchased tracks, and the My Library section. Beatport CLOUD is also available as a standalone subscription service.

Beatport LINK’s first performance software integration is with Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ app. Further integrations and partnerships will be rolled out in 2019, including Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox software in fall. An offline performance mode will also be introduced, setting it apart from competitors.

“The launch of Beatport LINK exhibits our commitment to creating the best possible experience for our expanding ecosystem of DJs, and we can think of no better partner than Pioneer DJ for the service’s first software integration. We are particularly excited to introduce the upcoming Offline Performance Mode, which firmly sets Beatport LINK apart from its competitors in the DJ market.”

Beatsource, a joint venture between DJcity and Beatport, will release Beatsource LINK later in 2019 to bring DJ streaming to the open-format community.

Beatport LINK and Beatport CLOUD are available in beta here and here.

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Update on Mojaxx’s Switch From Mac to Windows

A few months ago, Mojaxx decided to see if he could switch from a Mac to a Windows laptop for DJing. On this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks, he checks back in with an update on how the transition went.

Have you switched from Mac to Windows? Share your advice in the comments section below.

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Serato Reopens Serato Studio Beta, Adds New Features

Serato Studio

Serato Studio
Master Waveform in Serato Studio Beta (Source: Serato)

After putting it on hold due to high demand, Serato has reopened the beta for its Serato Studio beatmaking software. The company has also added several highly-requested features, including Master Track Waveform, Library Preview, Stem Export, and more.

“Since launching the first beta we’ve been busy gathering feedback on Studio and channeling that into development,” Nick Maclaren, chief strategy officer at Serato, said in the press release. “Serato Studio is constantly evolving as we continue to build it with the community.”

In addition to the software update, Serato has announced pricing for Studio. Subscribers will be able to access Studio for $14.99 a month or $9.99 a month billed annually.

“Our model is built on regular software updates, which means subscribers get a continuous flow of new features and workflow improvements,” says Maclaren. “You’ll also get monthly sound pack drops from renowned producers like Just Blaze, through to world-class sound designers and labels.”

In the meantime, Serato has made the Dusty Crates sound pack available as a free download for all beta members. It contains almost a GB of soul, funk, and R&B influenced instruments and samples.

Join the Serato Studio beta and learn more here.

Watch the update video below.

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JBL 104 Studio Monitors Reviewed


Mojaxx reviews JBL’s new compact and affordable 104 studio monitors on this week’s Tips and Tricks.

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Mojaxx Reviews MasterSounds’ Linear 4V Mixer and FX Unit

Tips and Tricks MasterSounds

On this episode of Tips and Tricks, Mojaxx reviews two pieces of DJ gear from boutique electronics manufacturer MasterSounds.

The Linear 4V is a made-to-order, four-channel mixer with a variety of features. The FX unit is a compact piece that is made to integrate with MasterSounds mixers, but works with a number of other mixers as well.

Watch Mojaxx’s review above.

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Mixed In Key Releases Studio Edition Plugin

Mixed In Key Studio Edition

Music software developer Mixed In Key has released the Studio Edition plugin. Aimed at music producers, the award-winning key detection program works from within a DAW to analyze sounds and samples.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is officially supported by Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Apple Logic. It is compatible with Mac OS and Windows operating systems.

Watch the video above and learn more here.

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