• First Look: Allen & Heath’s Xone:96 Mixer

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    After weeks of teasing, Allen & Heath have announced its new Xone:96 club mixer.

    The successor to the much-loved Xone:92, which has been on the market for 15 years, the 96 sticks to the template set by that classic model. However, it includes many new features aimed at integrating it into today’s digital DJ world.

    The 96 retains the analog sound, four band EQ, and filters of the 92, but adds a pair of 32 bit 96 kHz soundcards, which are DVS compatible. The mixer is already supported in the latest version of Traktor Scratch.

    There is a second independent headphone cue circuit, allowing two DJs to perform on the mixer at the same time, and extra return channels for advanced effects routing.

    Crossfader users will be pleased to hear that the 96 ships with a Mini innoFADER, which means the mixer is a lot more usable for scratching than the 92.

    The 96 will be available in August with a suggested retail price of $1,999. More details can be found on Allen & Heath’s website.

    Watch Mojaxx‘s exclusive first-look at a pre-release unit below.

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  • DJ@War is Developing a Scratch Training App, skratchEZ

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    UK DJ and turntablist DJ@War is developing a scratch training app called skratchEZ, which he says “is like DJ Hero but with real equipment.” Watch Sophenom cover the story on DJcityTV.

    Check out our first look at skratchEZ here.

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  • Pioneer DJ Announces DDJ-SX3 Controller

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    Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

    Pioneer DJ has announced the DDJ-SX3, an update to its hugely successful DDJ-SX series of controllers.

    Designed for use with Serato DJ Pro, the unit expands on the functionality of the previous generation. It adds a second USB port for easy changeovers and back-to-back sets, and a third microphone input, making the DDJ-SX3 a great choice for DJs who work with singers, MCs, and other live performers.

    The DDJ-SX3 comes with licenses for Serato DJ’s Flip and Pitch & Time expansion packs and is the first model in the SX series to have dedicated pitch play controls. The mixer section now features four standalone Color FX, Echo, Jet, Noise and Filter, which will be familiar to users of the company’s club mixers.

    Available in early June, the DDJ-SX3 is set to retail for $999 — the same price as the previous DDJ-SX2.

    Watch Pioneer’s promo video below, which features DMC world champ, Mr Switch, and get more info on their website.

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  • The Best DJ Gear Deal of 2018

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    In 2015, Epsilon released a mid-range turntable called the DJT-1300 USB. DJcityTV’s Mojaxx didn’t get his hands on one at the time, but he recently put one to the test.

    It turns out that Mo was surprised by what he found. While the DJT-1300 isn’t really suitable for gigging, it’s currently available in Europe for only $185.48 at recordcase.de and $192.96 at Turntable Training Wax. Mo says that’s an “insane bargain” if you want an extra turntable at home or you’re a beginner looking to get your first pair of decks.

    Watch his review above on this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks.

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  • First Look: DJ@War’s Scratch Training App, skratchEZ

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    Joshua Hodge, a.k.a. DJ@War, is a veteran DJ and turntablist from the UK. When he recently posted a video of a new scratch training app that he’s working on, we knew we had to get the scoop. Check out the app, skratchEZ, above, and read our convo with Joshua below.

    What exactly are we looking at in this video?

    This is one part of an application prototype I made for my final computing project. Basically, the concept is like DJ Hero but with real equipment. The game is a call and response: two bars of scratches are played for you, then you respond by trying to imitate what you just heard, and a score is given on how accurate you were. Then the process is repeated.

    Awesome. So how did you come up with this idea and why?

    It’s actually an idea I’ve had for about four years but didn’t have the skills to make it until last year. I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if DJ Q-Bert’s DIY DVDs were updated with the technology we have today? Melodics was another big influence as well, with their finger drumming app. So many DJs I’ve met over the years have said, “I wish I could scratch,” but never had the patience to learn. Well, what if it was a game? I think that would motivate a lot of people to get on those decks!

    Inspiring! This is obviously in the very early stages. How do you plan to expand development and what’s the overall goal?

    Well, my big goal is that I have loads of ideas for the app and want to really push it forward to make it an interactive tool for people to learn and engage with DJing and turntablism. I think to make the app I want, it will take either investment or a collaborative effort with a company such as Serato or Melodics, but I’m going to keep pushing it forward.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to drum up interest. Where can DJs who are interested stay up-to-date with your progress? Do you have a timeline for releasing something to the public?

    People can check out updates on my programming channel called The Audio Programmer, where I teach people how to make their own VST plugins and audio apps from scratch. Also, I’ll be updating my accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’d like to try to set up for a controlled alpha release by mid-July. By controlled, I mean it would probably be limited to the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 and maybe Rane mixers.

    Very cool. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us.

    Thank you to DJcity for the support! You guys are the best.

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  • Reloop RP-7000 MK2 Turntable Review

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    Reloop’s original RP-7000 turntable offered the perfect combination of simplicity and high performance at a great price. Does the RP-7000 MK2 live up to its predecessor? Find out on this episode of DJcityTV’s Tips and Tricks.

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  • Improve Your Laptop’s Performance by Cleaning Its Fan

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    Mojaxx recently noticed that his MacBook Pro wasn’t performing as well as it used to. His system was glitchy and running very hot. He knew it was running too hot because he has a free app called SMCFanControl, which, along with letting you adjust your fan speed, shows the temperature of your laptop.

    Suspecting that his fan might be clogged, Mo opened up his laptop and cleaned it out. The trick worked: Mo’s system was running smoothly again at a normal temperature.

    Watch him go through the process on this week’s Tips and Tricks.

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  • Review: Ortofon Concorde MkII Series

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    Ortofon’s range of Concorde cartridges have been around for a couple of decades and haven’t seen any many major changes. However, the company has redesigned them from the ground up. And it’s good timing, with the recent news that Shure has discontinued all of its phono cartridges.

    Will Ortofon’s new MkII series ease the pain of grieving Shure devotees? Mojaxx finds out on this week’s episode of Tips and Tricks.

    Compare the sound of each model
    Buy the MIX
    Buy the DJ
    Buy the CLUB
    Buy the SCRATCH
    Buy the DIGITAL

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  • Denon DJ Acquires SoundSwitch

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    SoundSwitch. (Source: Facebook)

    Denon DJ has acquired lighting software and hardware company, SoundSwitch. Released in 2016, SoundSwitch enables DJs to integrate custom and automated lighting into their DJ set. The product is currently compatible with Serato DJ and Virtual DJ 8.

    “SoundSwitch is a fantastic addition to the Denon DJ portfolio of pro-level DJ performance products,” said Jack O’Donnell, CEO of Denon DJ in the press release. “The SoundSwitch software will continue to bring even more creative options to our DJ customers’ gigs and shows, bringing a more exciting and vibrant experience of lighting, visuals and sound.”

    Zak Meyers, CEO of SoundSwitch added:

    “Becoming part of the Denon DJ team is a great outcome. With Denon DJ’s support, SoundSwitch will be able to further expand on its vision in both the software and hardware fields at pace. The SoundSwitch team is excited to explore the synergies between the two companies and develop the next generation of lighting products alongside Denon DJ’s impressive hardware.”

    Check out Denon DJ’s Facebook page for more info.

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  • Classic DJ Gear: Technics SH-EX1200 Mixer

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    In March, Technics assembled an orchestra of 30 DJs to perform a routine in celebration of Japan’s LP Record Day. The historic ensemble included world-class turntablists like DJ QBert, D-Styles, DJ Kentaro, Mr. Switch, and DJ Swamp.

    After watching the video, fans asked DJcityTV host Mister Remix about the equipment that was used in the performance. All of the DJs were equipped with Technics SL-1200 turntables, but their mixers were less recognizable. One of them was the Technics SH-EX1200, a two-channel mixer that was popular in the battle scene from the ’80s to mid-’90s.

    Watch Mister Remix examine the SH-EX1200 on this episode of Classic DJ Gear.

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