Baauer Releases Free Sample Pack of Exotic Sounds

Baauer and Nick Hook
Last week, Red Bull TV premiered a fascinating documentary about Baauer’s journey around the world to find samples for his debut album. The 26-minute video, which also features DJ/producer Nick Hook, follows the artists as they travel to remote regions in the United Arab Emirates and Japan in search for inspiration and sounds.
In a generous move, Baauer has now released a free sample pack that includes nearly 200 sounds recorded throughout his journey. The collection includes samples of rare and exotic animals, instruments and more. Download it here.

“I learned how to make music and develop my style [by] pulling sounds from the Internet and manipulating them on the laptop … For the first time, I got to get outside and find sounds and record them. In that way, it completely changed the way I make music.”

Watch Baauer’s documentary Searching for Sound:

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